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Delutzfan - 11/26/02 11:11 PM

How did your tournament go? ball smile

Susan smile
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laugh smile laugh
Hi Susan-
I did VERY well at the tournament, thanks for asking!! I bowl this women's scratch tournament, WASA, Women's All Star Association, it's a great tournament. Anyway, our last tournament of the year is the WASA Tournament of Champions and the WASA Sweeper. I didn't bowl enough tournaments this year, and the ones I did bowl in, I didn't fair so well, so I didn't acquire enough points to bowl the T of C. I bowled the sweeper and won the sweeper...whoo hoooo!!! So now, after ten years of bowling WASA, I'm a champion!!! I won $630 and a free entry into next year's T of C. Talk to you soon, Cathy thumbsup
PS-who are you picking for this week?? I'm actually thinking of giving Bryon Smith a shot, lol...of course I have to pick Delutz, he's made every cut so he's made me some points. I'm also going to the PBA Mohegan Sun stop, the T of C in December, should be fun!!!
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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laugh you must be flying high. A free entry and you are a champion!!!!!

I think I might have picked Bryon if we didn't have a new entry in the non champions list. Bowling Fans Jeff entering this week!!!!

Heres the list for the week

Walter Ray (I made a deal with myself to pick him every week)
Danny Wiseman
Norm Duke
Brian Kretzer
and Jeff P. laugh

I recently attended a pro am for a senior pro event with my son (9). It was a sport shot. He did great. I did ok. He was so impressed . They were all so nice. Especially Hollis McMullen. He was great with the kid. I'll bet the regular tour is going to be a blast.

Who did you end up picking for this week? You could start a new post in the discussion section if you want and I will watch for it. Unless it's a secret. laugh laugh

Susan smile
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Hi Susan-
that's great you had such a good time at the pro-am, most of those guys are a blast, and it's great when they are so good with the kids!!!! I've bowled on the Sport shot a few times, NOT I will beat it someday, haha.

My picks for the week...I didn't pick Jeff P., I feel bad now, but...what can I do..

Tommy Delutz-he's a given
Walter Ray
Chris Barnes
Lonnie Waliczex (please forgive the spelling, lol) and...I am giving Bryon Smith a shot...we'll see.

I actually chose Danny Wiseman first and switched to Chris Barnes. What did you think of Randy Pederson winning last week?? The funny thing, a bunch of my friends work for Cambridge Credit and they are ALL throwing that Cambridge spare ball now. Have you ever heard of NEBA?? It's another scratch tournament in my area, it's TOUGH!!! Brian Bogoshian, Mike Litchstein bowl in it, and touring pros Patrick Allen and Mike Fagen are members also. Anyway, the guy who runs Cambridge Credit is a big NEBA bowler also, so about 30 of the NEBA guys work there and since Cambridge is now a sponsor for the PBA they all got one of those spare balls....lucky devils!!! I tried to sweet talk my way into getting one but it didn't work...I'll have to go back to the drawing board on how to get my hands on one because being nice didn't work, lol. Anyway, hope your picks do well this week...and bowl well yourself. Oh, and I can't WAIT until the PBA stop!!! I have three autographed photos of Tommy Delutz, but they have all been given to me as gifts so I figure this time I'll get my own!! Maybe even get him to pose with me for a picture, I'd be in heaven, lol, yes, I'm a geek!!!! See ya, Cathy
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laugh nut laugh
PS-Have a Great Holiday to you and your family!!!
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Thanks. I hope you had a good holiday also. Hop everyone at BF had a great holiday. We have all my husbands brothers and sisters,neices and nephews visiting from PA and NJ. I am taking the kids bowling today. I hope they enjoy it!

Susan smile