Tournaments on the East Coast...

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Tournaments on the East Coast... - 10/09/02 07:36 PM


New member here (but old bowler) - it looks like I will have a dream realised at the end of next year.

I will becoming to the US for the months of december and January 2003 & 2004. I am keen to bowl in any events that I can while I am over here visiting - and just wanted to know are there any high quality, good money scratch tournaments being held on the East coast during these months.

(will be in florida - but given that I have to drive about 500 miles here in Australia to the closest bowling alley - and about 2000 miles to bowl in the national events - I am not scared of having to go a long way to a worth-while tournament).

I would also like to bowl an sport-condition tournaments that may be going.

(I figured now was a good time to ask as tournaments that will be held this Dec/ Jan may also provide dates when they intend to run next year as well).

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Re: Tournaments on the East Coast... - 10/11/02 06:56 PM

Start here:
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Re: Tournaments on the East Coast... - 10/12/02 03:09 AM

Thanks for that...

Good resource site - will spend some time surfing!

(Like I dont spend enough time on-line already! lol)
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Re: Tournaments on the East Coast... - 01/17/03 12:14 PM

This past year we had a PBA regional tournament in Boynton Beach Fl. at the end of December. If they have that regional again it will probably be around the same time. Hope this helps a little. thumbsup