State Amateur Championships

Posted by: Leandra

State Amateur Championships - 08/15/02 09:55 AM

Has anyone bowled this type of tournament before? if so, what should I expect?

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Re: State Amateur Championships - 08/15/02 06:29 PM

Ideally, you should expect challenging conditions and good competition.

It can vary a lot from state to state, but that's what it should be like.
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Re: State Amateur Championships - 08/15/02 07:20 PM

I bowled in this tournament for the first time last year. Expect to average anywhere from 15 to 25 pins a game under average if the sport shot is being used (unless you've been bowling on it, obviously). My first shot in game one, I left a solid 7 pin, and thought to myself, "This isn't so bad..." The spare shot ended up in the left gutter at about 50 feet. For the 16 games, I was about 24 a game under my house shot average (197/173), with a high game of 206 (I had four 200s).
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Re: State Amateur Championships - 08/16/02 11:19 AM

I would definitely expect to have to concentrate harder and longer than you usually would in a league or tournament. The lane conditions will not be easy and there are going to be times when you will be HAPPY to leave a solid 10 pin or a 7 pin because it means that you're in the pocket.

Make sure that you are sharp on your spare game. You've still got about three weeks left to prepare for it so I'd get to practicing if you haven't already.

The most important thing, NO MATTER WHAT, is to not get frustrated. Once you do that, it is much harder to get back on track.

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Re: State Amateur Championships - 08/19/02 10:12 AM

My normal bowling center has extremely difficult lanes to begin with, they are never the same day to day.

Believe me, I have been practicing just about every day when my schedule permits. I have been picking up about 95% of my spares and I have been averaging about 185-200 when I really try.

Most of the time I am just trying to hit the same spot over and over again to ensure my accuracy and then picking up the spare for more practice.

I am expecting to come back from this tournament proud of myself even if I don't get the championship.

Thanks for all of your replies! thumbsup

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Re: State Amateur Championships - 08/19/02 03:57 PM

The nearest sport bowling facility is 4 hours away from me. How do I prepare for the sport bowling conditions that will be at this tournament? confused

Any advice would be great!
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Re: State Amateur Championships - 08/19/02 08:34 PM


2 things to note.

1) Unless you can actually convince your centre to put out a sport condition, you'll more than likely have practice on what you're given as a day to day shot. From what you've said in your posts, this sounds quite challenging as it is, and yet you're still bowling well on it.

2) George Freeman wrote this article in his tips page on the sport condition. To quote him from that article

... there is no one "Sport Condition". The sport program is a different set of criteria that must be adhered to for a particular pattern to be deemed "sport compliant". To oversimplify, a sport condition is a pattern that has a 2:1 ratio of oil or less.

From this you can see that just because you've bowled on a sport condition in one centre, doesn't mean you'll get exactly the same shot in another centre. The sport condition (like all patterns) is centre specific and as such cannot be relied upon to be consistent across different centres (and sometimes across different lanes)

Essentially, if you are capable of making your spares, and (as Anakin said) having a strong mental game, you should do well, irrespective of whether you've seen the condition before.

Best of luck.

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Re: State Amateur Championships - 08/21/02 05:34 PM

The owners are new to the bowling industry(just bought the place in Feb) and are still working on getting the oiling down.

Thanks for the advice...I have been trying to work on my mental game. That is what will kill me if I don't.

Have a wonderful day!!