Posted by: iumatrix

Tournament - 06/03/02 06:37 AM

If there is a tournament out there, what is the difference between getting the word out to other bowlers rather than advertising? Just a quick question.
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Re: Tournament - 06/03/02 10:57 AM

Generally, "getting the word out" about a tournament would be considered advertising. If you wanted to discuss the rules, conditions, venue of a tournament, etc that wouldn't be considered an ad. But, it's all context. Most people just know when an ad is and ad or when something is posted to start a legitimate discussion or pose a question.

I'm not sure I fully understand your question. confused I can't recall having to remove or move any tournament "ads" on in the past several months. Is something you posted missing?

Just for the record, everyone is welcome to advertise tournaments in the Classified forum. There is no cost involved. Whenever an ad is mistakenly posted in any of the other forums we usually move it to the Classified forum unless it otherwise violates the Community Standards or classified forum rules.
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Re: Tournament - 06/03/02 07:08 PM

No, You haven't removed anything yet... I just wanted clarification, because there is a tournament coming up and I just wanted to let everyone know about it. Check out the Classified Forum and if it's too much, you know what to do. smile
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Re: Tournament - 06/03/02 07:29 PM

No, there is nothing wrong with what you posted in the Classifieds forum. smile

Thanks for asking! smile