House Tournement

Posted by: xs1

House Tournement - 11/26/01 08:41 PM

hi everyone,
i was just wondering what kind of house tournement you're center have ? Here, at my center i think that they're out of new ideas and i was hoping someone would help me help them . They have the same thing week after week , so attendance is going down. I'm looking for new ideas that would involve all sort of player ( from 100 avg to 220 avg ) hope someone can give me a winning formula.
Posted by: Rocket to the Pocket

Re: House Tournement - 11/27/01 04:18 PM

You could have the tourney set up with divisions, where you have bowlers in an average range bowling against each other. Example: under 140, 140-180, and 180 and up. We use this for our association tourney and it seems to work well.