what do you do

Posted by: Mike Glasscock

what do you do - 02/11/01 10:44 AM

Just a question for this new board. We are finishing up our city tournament this weekend and I wondered how you all do it. We have always been limited to bowling all events once, as we always had so many bowlers. We don't have a fraction of the bowlers any more and they allowed us to bowl team as many times as we bowl in leagues as long as we changed enough members each time. We bowl singles once and doubles twice. We still didn't even come close to filling up even one shift in any event, we used to bowl two shifts each day. I don't see why we can't bowl as much as possible in any event, as long as we only cash once, it would bring in more money for the houses and the tournament. How does your association do it ? By the way, I think this will be a great board! :rolleyes:
Posted by: whiteoak

Re: what do you do - 02/11/01 03:27 PM

Our association (Greater Baltimore) allows multiple entries and the first 9 games bowled count toward your all events total. You may cash only once in singles and all events and only once with the same partner in doubles. We use the ABC Multiple Participation Rule 317.