Farthest traveled?

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Farthest traveled? - 02/08/01 12:10 PM

What's the farthest you ever traveled to bowl in a tournament?

Did you enjoy going?

How did bowl in it?
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Re: Farthest traveled? - 02/09/01 06:40 AM

I live in Jacksonvile, NC which is on the east coast. I've bowled in Vegas in the High Rollers and in Reno in Team USA. Also bowled in the Nationals last Year in Albuquerque and will bowl the Nationals in Reno this year. Coast to coast is the farthest I've traveled.
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Re: Farthest traveled? - 02/09/01 01:25 PM

I live in Medford, OR and the furthest I have travelled to bowl a tournament is Paris, France. I wanted to go there, and was able to work the trip around a tournament (The Dec 94 "French open"). I had a lot of fun, but bowled [censored]. Lots of oil!
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Re: Farthest traveled? - 02/09/01 01:40 PM

When ABCs were in Syracuse, that was the furthest I've traveled (4 1/2 hours by plane to Detroit and 8 hours through Canada and NY to Syracuse) in distance.

I still prefer Vegas and Reno for my bowling. smile
Posted by: Rizzo

Re: Farthest traveled? - 02/12/01 04:55 PM

From Portland, OR to Honolulu, HI for the National Resident Pro Championships. I hate it when it's paid for. smile

It was the 1st time I'd been to Hawaii and I was in vacation mode the whole time. I bowled okay, finished 45th out of 56.
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Re: Farthest traveled? - 02/12/01 07:25 PM

Wait, wait, wait. They PAID you to fly to Hawaii to bowl? I'm glad you finished 45th, because that meant you at least bowled.

I have a feeling I'd become a DNS if I ever bowled in Hawaii. smile
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Re: Farthest traveled? - 02/13/01 11:13 PM

Rochester, NY to Reno is the farthest I've gone. The trip to Albuquerque took a heck of a lot longer though.
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Re: Farthest traveled? - 02/13/01 11:58 PM

The farthest I have gone is from Burlington VT to Rochester NY for the Lilac (this is also the farthest west I have ever been!). Maybe the Hoinke this year to better my record.
Posted by: tenten

Re: Farthest traveled? - 02/15/01 01:50 PM

I flew from Los Angeles to Minn. Then from Minn to Amsterdam. Then from Amsterdam to Dubai,UAE. Then from Dubai to Abu Dhabi,UAE. All this to bwl thw FIQ World Bowling Championships. and I'm still tired smile
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Re: Farthest traveled? - 02/15/01 06:18 PM

The farthest I've travelled is Albuquerque NM and Reno, Nv. This year there will be a return trip to Reno for the ABC's. At least for The Lilac I'll be in my own State of New York....not that Rochester is around the corner :rolleyes:
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Re: Farthest traveled? - 02/15/01 09:29 PM

The Farthest I've traveled is from Pa to Reno. I have done this 3 times soon to be 4. The farthest I have driven to bowl was PA to Albuquerque last year.
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Re: Farthest traveled? - 02/21/01 05:10 PM

Wow tenten, I got tired just reading your post. I went to Misawa Japan (from Honolulu)in the early 80's for the Pacific Armed Forces Championships. Didn't bowl great - but had lot's of fun (brought back a beautiful china set).
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Re: Farthest traveled? - 03/04/01 02:57 PM


You DROVE to Albuquerque from PA?? Wow. I'm in a suburb of Detroit, and the furthest I've gone to bowl is Los Angeles (it's further west than the National Bowling Stadium) smile I have to admit it was really nice bowling in such a warm place with those doors that opened automatically when I walked up with my bag on wheels. That's pretty much unheard of in cold climates here :\