Local Plastic Ball Tournament

Posted by: aoiten

Local Plastic Ball Tournament - 08/19/10 12:56 PM

Do plastic ball tournament exist for mortal players? Would it be popular? What would it take to arrange my own tournament?
Posted by: minormillikin

Re: Local Plastic Ball Tournament - 08/19/10 01:20 PM

I haven't heard of one locally, but it sounds like good times to me.

I'd take it a step further: Plastic House Balls only! The first 5 minutes would consist of people scrambling around looking for the best house ball they can find.
Posted by: B-Hammer

Re: Local Plastic Ball Tournament - 08/19/10 02:49 PM

I think a house ball tourney would be fun and would do it, but I haven't spent thousands of dollars on a tournament arsenal.

Locally for softball we have a wood bat tournament that's pretty popular, kind of the same concept where everyone puts technology away for the weekend.
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Local Plastic Ball Tournament - 08/19/10 04:27 PM

I would never bowl in a house ball only tournament, unless I can get a blank house ball drilled for my span and pitches. It's not worth it to hurt my hand for something like that.

I would be interested in seeing some local bowlers doing a plastic ball tournament, but I doubt any would.

To arrange your own tournament, you would have to talk to the center to arrange a possible date and time(s), what you would have to pay for lineage and some other details. Before I would try find out what the interest would actually be by bowlers in your area to see if it would be worth trying.
Posted by: nichoasd

Re: Local Plastic Ball Tournament - 08/19/10 05:00 PM

We have a local plastic ball tourney ever year. It gets a great turnout of many highly skilled players. They have an oil pattern figured out that they only use for the plastic tourney. Its a tournament everyone thinks they can win because of the perceived leveled playing field. In actuality it takes big scores to win, 270's and up are average for the top guys.
I wouldn't be interested in using house balls, nothing ever fits right.
Posted by: aoiten

Re: Local Plastic Ball Tournament - 08/19/10 06:17 PM

Would it be unfair or unpopular to give bonus pins to people using house balls?

If I started my own tournament and only a few people showed up, is it possible that I would owe more money than the entrants would cover?