PBA Qualifying round last Sunday

Posted by: Dennis Michael

PBA Qualifying round last Sunday - 06/15/10 08:59 AM

I had thoughts of entering the qualifying round of a PBA Tourney being held here, but had conflicts with my schedule. As it turned out, my conflict went away, so I just went to watch.

I had quite a few friends bowling in it, and most are 220+ on league. The shot was the Chameleon, not one of my favorites, but should have been able to score.

Well, it was really tough watching these pretty good bowlers struggle on this shot. The overhead scorers were full of 160-170 games. Top qualifyer was +124, and a friend, Tom, was -24 but finished 3rd. The top 3 moved on to the Tourney.

The ball manufacturer and shoes were checked at the weigh in, as has been talked about in other threads.
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: PBA Qualifying round last Sunday - 06/15/10 10:08 AM

I gain a greater appreciation for the pros whenever I bowl on a sport shot. Besides being able to read lanes and adjust lines, equipment, speed, etc., I think what separates the pros from most amateurs is that they are more accurate, therefore, they need less area.

For example, a house shot may provide 3 boards of area (or more). A house bowler may average 220+, but use all of those boards. A pro may come in and average the same, but require only 1 board. When the shot gets tougher, the house bowler starts to struggle, but the pro continues to score because they are not dependent on the additional area provided by the house shot.

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Re: PBA Qualifying round last Sunday - 06/15/10 11:20 AM

I most certainly agree and can appreciate the talent that is out there. But I do remember one of the shows last year where the Tour put down the Earl Anthony pattern, which is a flat pattern.
Because you not only have to hit your target on one board, but you also can't be to fast either.
All of them struggled to shoot well on this, and the women were bowling it at the same time. One of the women was the first to shoot a 200 on it that day. I think this was because of a slower ball speed.
I think the men eventually did, but only in the final game. Today's game at the pro level is hard and fast, with lot's of revs, but put a pattern down were speed kills, and alot of them struggle. Walter Ray is still around cause he can still bring the heat. But as far as accuracy goes, I don't think they have to be as accurate as the Tour in the 70's and 80's. Why? Because alot of speed and revs (equipment) can hide a multitude of errors. Watch some of the old films on ESPN classic, you see alot of buckets being shot at. Also, the day that Kelly K. won, I believe she won because she was the slowest thrower on that condition. Bowling has definitley changed over the years, so it can be hard to judge today's pro's with the days of old.
But a scratch bowler used to be 200, now it is 220, that's only 80 pins from perfect! And doing it on a regular basis! So I think what the pro bowlers deal with on Tour today is what we dealt with in league, in the 70's and early 80's. Which is tough conditons all the time. Heck, if you averaged 175 you were considered a very good bowler. Because bowling was tough. Now a 175 would almost be a guy who has been bowling 2 or 3 years, if he has some talent and practices. So your friends that shot some 160's and 170's probably in all actuality did some good bowling.

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Re: PBA Qualifying round last Sunday - 06/15/10 11:35 AM

I averaged about 175 last week bowling on Chameleon playing 4 games/8 lanes and my house average is a 170-172. PBA commentators and people of the like make it seem like sport shots are IMPOSSIBLE, which is what intimidated me from participating in a sports league a year ago. All it really comes down to is surface preparation of the ball, not muscling/grabbing swing, staying square in the approach, following through, and watching wear the ball breaks to make adjustments. I'm not saying I'm better than any pro, because I still consider myself a beginner/amateur of the game, but it will certainly humble you, teach you, and make you better.
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: PBA Qualifying round last Sunday - 06/15/10 12:35 PM

There are guys that throw hard and straight on every pattern, often playing the same line. That may get them in the 170's to 190's on either a house shot or PBA pattern. But, it gets progressively harder to increase their average, especially on a sport shot.

I have often told my teammates that I am confident I could average 190's on any pattern just by throwing my plastic ball for strikes and spares. I did exactly that and was successful when I bowled the crazy patterns that the ABT put down when they were in this area.

But, neither strategy alone is going to win tournaments at the professional level. The pros that consistently make shows are truly elite bowlers, and roll with the ball with both power and precision.
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Re: PBA Qualifying round last Sunday - 06/16/10 02:14 AM

Yea I agree Joe Bowler: When a person already averages say 160, he's not striking enough already, so when you throw him on something tougher, it doesn't make that much difference to him, because he or she misses the pocket most of the time already, and a fair portion of spares too. So increasing thier average is going to be alot harder if they are trying to improve. Because the strike line that they can't currently execute, is even tougher to execute with the smaller margin of error.