Practiced for Stae family tourney finals

Posted by: Rocket

Practiced for Stae family tourney finals - 06/10/10 11:37 PM

Jordan and I practiced tonight for our Family tourney finals this weekend, We rolled 6 games each Jordan went 226-232-234-227-228-244.
Me not so hot 174-172-174-188-181-185, I was leaving weird splits My angle was off just a bit and could not figure out a solid line to the pocket used every ball in my arsenal.

Jordan's team mate Julie was there as well and she beat me 4 out of six and she wasn't there for the fifth and sixth games so I guess she beat me four out of four.

We are heading to the house we bowl at tomorrow after we check in (tourney starts Saturday) I am hoping we can get some games in so I can gain back some of my confidence. I was over my average every game but barley. this is a big scholarship tourney and I want to do well for Jordan.

Julie and Kaleigh are both bowling in a state youth tourney in Rossford Ohio so we are going over there and watch them bowl after we finish up. I will post our scores when we return.
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Re: Practiced for Stae family tourney finals - 06/11/10 08:18 AM

Good luck, guys.

Do you think Jordan was showing off for Julie? If so, it may be wise to keep her around more.
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Re: Practiced for Stae family tourney finals - 06/11/10 09:10 AM

All the best Rocket...

Looks like young Jordan has got you covered these days lol..
Let us know how u went.

Is Jordan looking at bowling at college? God bless USA, I wish we had something like that here...

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Re: Practiced for Stae family tourney finals - 06/12/10 07:26 PM

Well we have returned home, as far as the trip and the experience it was great except for half way there my tom tom that is installed on my phone decided to die on me for some reason, and I didnt have the card to reinstall it so I had to drop $100 on a new garmin frown.

Any way on to bowling, we bowled at Bryan lanes in Bryan Ohio, Small well kept house 18 lanes, wood approaches new synthetic lanes 41 foot oil pattern house shot.

The shot was tough for me started with my furious and was staying light switched to my mutant and was still a bit light I was throwing 16.8 mph had to slow it down to 13.2 to find good flush shots the problem with that was that was throwing my timing off a touch (I believe subconsciously holding my swing back) so not much control.

Jordan handled it pretty well and we ended up with a 1244 series. 1307 is leading our division after 50 teams has bowled,with another 50 to go I believe they said.

Like I said all in all was definitely worth the trip. A local Girl Jordans age was on our pair she went clean all 3 games 2 games all 9's with 1 strike each game and the last game strung 7 for a nice 244 finish.
Thank god she was bowling in the adult youth division and not the parent youth division.

Bowlers from a local house to us (Tiki Lanes) is leading all divisions as of now. I was talking to one of the adults who was from Tiki lanes and he said it was the exact same setup they shoot on every weekend and it was just like being home.

Jordan says he is going to work me like a dog and next year we will be on top lol.

Thanks for all the support