Pictures from CTF Nationals

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Pictures from CTF Nationals - 05/22/10 10:06 PM

Went to watch the National Championships today, and had a great time. Pictures are really [censored] but I'll try to get my friend to give me his, which are much better.
Mark Buffa, team Canada member (right) and Michael Schmidt, 2005 AMF World Cup champion (left).

David Simard

Mark Buffa, with David Simard (red shirt) bowling.

Local youth bowler Ryan Barker

Michael Frascarelli

Michael Schmidt

Caroline Lagrange, 2009 AMF World Cup women's champion

2 women from Alberta
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Re: Pictures from CTF Nationals - 05/22/10 10:08 PM

Local youths Jordan Jung and Anthony Tuliao

Team Canada member from BC, Ryan Reid

BC bowler Brandon Riley

World Cup bowler Jack Guay

Team Canada member Joe Ciach

Autographs! Top row: Michael Schmidt and Jack Guay Second Row: Caroline Lagrange and Joe Ciach Bottom: Mark Buffa

It was really cool talking to some of these guys. Mark Buffa was even handing out promotional pens and patches. And they were really nice in signing autographs.

The scoring pace was really low. As far as I saw, what separated the top from the bottom was spare making. I saw a lot of plastic balls overhooking on the wood lanes which resulted in quite a few missed spares. Very few people averaged 200; qualifying leader Mark Buffa only averaged 207. Cut line average is 179. On the women's side, Caroline Lagrange is the qualifying leader with a 211 average.
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Re: Pictures from CTF Nationals - 05/22/10 10:41 PM

Here're my friend's photos:

Michael Schmidt (with my friend and me)

Mark Buffa (with me)

Mark Buffa in action

Jack Guay

Welcome banner

Pin action close-up

Caroline Lagrange signing autographs
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Re: Pictures from CTF Nationals - 05/23/10 08:27 AM

Pretty cool beefers, I am hoping the next time the pros are bowling at Palace lanes in Columbus Ohio I can take Jordan to watch I know we would both enjoy it.
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Re: Pictures from CTF Nationals - 05/23/10 12:55 PM

Thanks, Rocket. Those people were a pleasure to meet, and I don't see how the pros will be any different.