First tournament

Posted by: ocydroma

First tournament - 02/01/10 12:25 PM

Yesterday my husband and I bowled in a city tournament at the house we bowl league at which happened to also be our first tournament. We decided we could do it for fun and learn what it was like to be in a tournament. We bowled division II doubles and open singles

Well guess what! We won doubles, I won open singles and my husband was second in open singles! I would have never thought going into this that we had any shot of placing much less doing as well as we did.

Just wanted to share this with people that would understand why I was so freaking excited!

Thanks for listening (reading)!
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: First tournament - 02/01/10 01:00 PM

Wow, first tourney and you cashed. Congrats.
Posted by: flowmerc

Re: First tournament - 02/01/10 01:49 PM

what did u guys shoot
Posted by: desertdog71

Re: First tournament - 02/01/10 02:23 PM

Nice job, congrats
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: First tournament - 02/01/10 03:50 PM

Nice going.
Posted by: ocydroma

Re: First tournament - 02/04/10 10:33 AM

In doubles I shot a 428 and David (my husband) shot a 468 for a 896. In singles I shot a 535 and David shot a 525. I still can't believe we won. It was in a field of 10. Not a big entry but I'm happy with it.
Posted by: lebowski120669

Re: First tournament - 02/04/10 12:05 PM

Very nice.
Posted by: sk8shorty01

Re: First tournament - 02/11/10 04:46 PM

Awesome job, and it always helps when you cash at your first tournament! Keep up the good work.
Posted by: JackZ

Re: First tournament - 02/11/10 05:36 PM

Congrats to both you and David:-)