Tournament Brag

Posted by: One Pin Standing

Tournament Brag - 12/05/09 09:00 PM

I just returned from a small local tournament and I usually try not to brag, but I can't help it this time.

Several friends of mine as well as my coach from my center decided to compete and it was an interesting tournament to say the least. It was a 6 game handicap tournament played over 12 lanes, switching lanes after every game. We had no clue what the oil pattern was before we started. Several people said after the first game that they thought it was the Scorpion pattern, but that was not confirmed. Anyway, things started out decent for me with a 199 first game. Not too bad for a house I had never bowled in before on a pattern that I had to "find" what worked with no clue where to start or what ball to use. Second game got a little better. I shot a 235. The third game is where it got interesting. My coach was on the pair of lanes next to me along with three other people from my center. As our games progressed we both noticed that we had nothing but Xs on the scoreboard. This went on through the 6th, then the 7th frame. We both seemed to be up at the line at the same time toward the end of the game. We would simply acknowledge each others strike with a simple head nod, and then wait for our next turn. Then it came to the last shot in the 10th frame. The center was totally silent. (Or it seemed that way to me)Last ball, we both struck out for a pair of 300's.

It was a great feeling. 300 number 2 for me.........number 33 for my coach.

I wound up with a 199 - 235 - 300 - 245 - 232 - 202.

My coach had a 212 - 268 - 300 - 290 - 290 and won the tournament. I placed 3rd. Another guy from our center took 2nd. So overall a great day!!!!!!

Sorry for being so long winded......I usually don't have much to say lately.........just had to brag.
Posted by: Rocket

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/05/09 09:22 PM

Great job on the finish series and 300! Congrats!
Posted by: beefers1

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/05/09 09:56 PM

Congratulations! What was your coach's last game, btw?

Was there match play or anything?
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/05/09 10:41 PM

I just returned from a small local tournament and I usually try not to brag, but I can't help it this time.

Ya know what??

That deserves more then a "pat on the back". Way to go!! and That's how ya knock em down! Fantastic!! You had a great day.

If you can't let a brag go anywhere else, then why not here where we all know how much of an accomplishment it is.


Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/05/09 10:56 PM

Nice going One pin. Congrats on the 300 to both you and your coach and nice sweep of the top three spots by the bowlers from your center.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/06/09 12:19 AM

Hey man, you have every right to brag. Great bowling.

Say, put this on the Honor Score Thread too.
Posted by: kwik8

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/06/09 12:27 AM

Wow, congrats! That is some awesome bowling! Congrats again on the 300 especially in a tournament, if you can't brag about that what can you brag about? Enjoy it.
Posted by: 6_ball_man

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/06/09 08:53 AM

Very nice shooting.
Posted by: tbill

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/06/09 11:28 AM

nice shooting! that's a great day out.
Posted by: One Pin Standing

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/06/09 01:23 PM

Thanks everyone.

It is a great feeling. Probably the best feeling is sharing it with the one who shared his knowledge of the game with me that has enabled me to get to this point.

We all bowled together this morning "just for fun". Well.....that quickly turned into a pot tournament between the four of us as we are all extremely competitive individuals. No 300's today......but we all had a blast. Having fun is why I started bowling in the first place.

Good times and good people is what it's all about.
Posted by: who's that

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/06/09 02:22 PM

Great bowling! If that was the Scorpion that's a even bigger feat. It's vary rare for someone to bowl that good on a PBA shot, especially the numbers your coach put up. I'd expect to be acknowledged for my last three games if I was him. He throw 34 of 36 strikes on a PBA pattern, that's a bigger deal then shooting 900 on the house shot in my honest opinion!
Posted by: One Pin Standing

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/06/09 04:08 PM

They told us after everyone had finished bowling that it was a 43' "Modified House Pattern" which was "very similar" to the Kegel Dead Man's Curve pattern???? So it wasn't Scorpion as some people had mentioned during tournament play.

Regardless of the pattern, it was a lot of fun, and a great challenge to go into this adventure not knowing in advance what we were up against. This house is going to have a tournament once a month starting next month with a different "unknown" pattern each month. I know I'll be there!!!!!
Posted by: cgeorg

Re: Tournament Brag - 12/06/09 08:26 PM

Way to go, to both you and your coach. I can't imagine shooting 3 games in a row, 300 - 290 - 290.