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Winklepleck - 09/20/09 09:11 AM

Does anyone remember this kid? He was great his first year on the tour and then I never heard of him again. That was 1981 or '82, the best I can recall.
I'm wondering if the rigors of the pro tour, coupled with the low remuneration, drive a lot of great bowlers out of the tour too soon.
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Re: Winklepleck - 09/20/09 09:16 AM

I remember Jim Winklepleck, he and Dave Husted made the show for the first time together in Oregon I believe, both were hometown boys, I believe Husted won and went on to greatness, not sure what happened to Winklepleck though, I remember liking the way he bowled, not sure why he did't make it and Husted did.

Talent helps, but is not the only factor I guess. I know many talented bowlers over the years that didn't make it out there for some reason or other.
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Re: Winklepleck - 09/20/09 09:55 AM

Thanks, Coach!

After Googling him, plus your memory, it seems he was on the tour 7 years before he made TV. I saw in at the Quaker State Open in grand Prairie. Another Jim Winklepleck, possibly his son, was in the Vancouver-Portland area bowling news last year.

There's life after PBA....

BTW Dave Husted runs 2 bowling Centers - one in Portland and one in Vancouver. I bet I could ask Dave for info when I get there in January.