Women's US Open

Posted by: CoachJim

Women's US Open - 09/06/09 03:09 PM

Set your dvrs next sunday 2pm on ESPN 2. I'm sure the tournament is over already and there are probably spoilers out about who won, but I will watch it anyway. If you would like to watch it with me I will be in the chat room next Sunday at 2pm.
Posted by: beefers1

Re: Women's US Open - 09/07/09 01:22 AM

Oh wow, I thought it wasn't til October. I'll be looking forward to watching it, even though they didn't do a very good job of hiding the spoilers.

Speaking of spoilers, anyone with access to the Detroit Free Press isn't going to be happy that it has quite a few spoilers from the WSOB, even though it was supposed to be a tightly-kept secret.