USBC Masters and player intros

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USBC Masters and player intros - 07/27/09 11:21 PM

I just saw that the 2010 edition will be in the NBS. What happened to the Miller Park venue? The 2007 event looked pretty impressive, with a huge crowd, Chris Barnes throwing a ceremonial pitch, all those promotions and hype, etc. Whereas the 2009 Masters seemed just like any other PBA event (just like the other majors that also used to have pretty impressive set-ups). Being outside of any bowling area, anyone know any insider info about the USBC's deal with Miller?

And what happened to those player intros they ran a couple of years ago? I actually didn't notice that they were missing til now. Is it to cut out some time for the show?
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Re: USBC Masters and player intros - 07/28/09 05:01 PM

Starting this past season the USBC Masters will be bowled at what ever venue is hosting the USBC Open Championships that year. That is actually how it used to be at one point. It will be held either the week, or two weeks before the start. In 2010 the USBC Championships are at the NBS.

The finals were the only thing held at Miller Park, and I only remember this happening twice, in 2007 and 2004, there might have been another time or two but those I don't know about.
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Re: USBC Masters and player intros - 07/28/09 07:00 PM

They were only in 04 and 07, but the other years they still had arena finals. I wouldn't really call Cashman Center an arena, since it's been fitted for bowling for 6 months or so, anyway.
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Re: USBC Masters and player intros - 07/29/09 05:16 PM

The whole tournament was held there as well as the finals. I've always felt mixed about the arena settings. On one hand you can obviously get quite a few more people in the audience but on the other hand they are bowling on a completely different set up of lanes, often brand new and playing completely different than what they played on during the week.

Like I said before what they are doing now, they actually used to do awhile ago, probably prior to 2000 maybe even earlier. I thought it was cool when they did do the finals in Miller Park, but I don't see it as a necessity.
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Re: USBC Masters and player intros - 07/29/09 09:18 PM

Well, Miller Park is probably overkill (4000 people in a stadium with 40000 seats, or at least the 15000-20000 that face the lanes). But any arena final would attract much more people, increase exposure (the event would be on the arena's website as well).