USBC Queens

Posted by: Tim Gerard

USBC Queens - 04/29/09 02:37 PM

If anyone is interested, tonight on ESPN2 @7:00PM the championship round of the Queens tournament will be televised.

Top seed goes to Liz Johnson followed by:

#2 Michelle Feldman

#3 Kelly Kulick

#4 Lisa Bishop (local favorite, drills alot of my equipment)

#5 Brenda Edwards

Should be interesting, I'll have to set the DVR, I'm bowling tonight myself.
Posted by: Richie V.

Re: USBC Queens - 04/29/09 03:17 PM

Nice catch, Tim...glad I saw this post, b/c I only had my VCR set for tonight's "King of Bowling" episode. I reset it to get the Queens, too, now. smile