Shark Championship

Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Shark Championship - 12/13/08 11:39 AM

With the Round of 16 over, the field is set for Sunday's telecast. Three of the four made the show last year at this stop, Rhino Page, Wes Malott and Patrick Allen, and Parker Bohn made it the previous year which was the first year the Tour was in Baltimore in a long time. You think these guys like this place? Allen is the fourth seed and starts the step ladder against Bohn, with Malott being the second seed and Page waiting in the first seed.

On the Womens side Carolyn Dorin-Ballard squares off against Jodi Woessner.

What are everyone's thoughts on the outcomes? I think Page has set himself up to win his second ever title and Dorin-Ballard will finish off here dominating week of sitting on the top seed and win back to back titles.
Posted by: General Pounder

Re: Shark Championship - 12/13/08 01:28 PM

I think that big Wes wins #2 for the year and CDB wins her second in a row. Should be fun to watch.
Posted by: cgeorg

Re: Shark Championship - 12/13/08 01:54 PM

Malott, CDB.

3 of the 4 top guys being lefties says something about the shot, but the fact that Wes made it up there also says something about his look on the lanes. He has a real unique roll, and it seems that he often gets real big scores in places of the lane no one else can play, when other righties are struggling. Given that he has the ability to set the lanes up for himself, I think he'll be pretty unbeatable. The thing that's hurt him on TV lately has been when he doesn't quite get the axis rotation on the ball that he needs, so as long as he comes out of the gate getting around the ball, he's my top pick. Add to that that the lefties are going to have a lot more traffic than they've had all week. That may be a good thing on this pattern, but it will change the look that got them where they are.
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Re: Shark Championship - 12/13/08 05:16 PM

I also have got to say The Big Nasty and the CDB to take the titles, but look out for Rhino Page. He is more than motivated to show everyone that he is no "one-hit wonder", and that last year was no fluke when he made 5 shows (and having to go through the TQR every week to do so at that!!!).

BTW, since CDB has already won this year, Jodi Woessner receives an automatic berth into the season-ending Women's challenge, no matter what happens.
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Re: Shark Championship - 12/13/08 06:48 PM

When parker bohn gets on tv, he bowls exceptional. it'll be interesting to see him play on the shark pattern, since he's made a lot of televised appearences on the cheetah. Which shows that from back to back weeks, he must be bowling REALLy well to make it from basically the easiest pattern to the hardest pattern. I think Parker or Wes will take it.
Posted by: Brandon510

Re: Shark Championship - 12/13/08 09:24 PM

I like to see Parker or Wes get there second title of the year.
Posted by: BIGHMW

Re: Shark Championship - 12/13/08 11:24 PM

Oh but beware, beacuse there is no way to stop a charging Rhino (Page that is) when he is locked in.
Posted by: General Pounder

Re: Shark Championship - 12/15/08 01:38 PM

Congrats to Rhino and to Jodi. Jodi for bowling great and Rhino for hanging in there. That was a match of who could get lucky. I just got done watching it. Wes looked unstoppable but he lost his rythym then his line. It happens.

PA was throwing Storm on the telecast. I thought that he was on Hammers staff.
Posted by: cgeorg

Re: Shark Championship - 12/15/08 01:52 PM

Remember kids - make your single pins!
Posted by: TheDemolitionMan

Re: Shark Championship - 12/15/08 01:53 PM

Perhaps PA is a free agent this year or recently became a free agent and bowls with whoever will sign him for that week or year. But you're right GP, last time I saw PA, he was rockin' Hammer.
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Re: Shark Championship - 12/15/08 02:12 PM

Originally Posted By: cgeorg
Remember kids - make your single pins!

Costly miss.