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exemption? - 03/05/07 08:19 PM

can someone explain what the exemption is they are talking about on PBA tour on tv?
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Re: exemption? - 03/05/07 08:28 PM

If you're an exempt Pro, you are atuomatically in every tournament and are guaranteed a paycheck (except US Open and Masters). If you're not, you fight 100+ other bowlers for 4 or so spots in the tournament in the PTQ (Pre Tournament Qualifier).

If you win a tourny, you're exempt for the next year. Win the US open, you're exempt for 3 years. The Masters is 2 or 3 as well. Finish in the top 39 for points, you're exempt for the next year. The rest are determineied over the summer in a qualifying tournament and from the points winners from the various regionals. Oh.. and I think the top bowler who had to bowl the PTQ's.