Belmo and the 2020 US Open

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Belmo and the 2020 US Open - 02/24/20 06:29 PM

I think the coolest thing about Belmo's win, is that even before the tournament started, there was never really any doubt that he'd probably win. He's just that good, and mentally strong, that really, no one is surprised.

Thought I'd start a thread to show some admiration. The man is good.

At one point on the telecast they had a graphic that said Belmo has been on the telecast of 27 of the 54 majors he's bowled in. That in itself is just mind blowing. Who else has ever had a run like that in the majors? That's over a decade of bowling with a 50% TV final appearance rate, and just shy of 25% winning rate in majors.

And he's only in his mid 30s. I personally think he'll burn out of the travel before he ever gets a chance to surpass Walter's all time titles record, but just think if he lived in the US. He would almost undoubtedly become the first to win 50 titles.

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Re: Belmo and the 2020 US Open - 02/24/20 09:08 PM

You make an excellent point about his travel to make telecasts. As you get older travel becomes a bigger and bigger challenge. I'm very happy to have retired and no longer traveling to make a living; however, I do miss meeting with those folks who looked forward to my coming to them to help them out with new equipment and to help them get it running well for them when they needed the assistance. Jason may well find that he may no look forward to coming this far as he gets older. Who knows? He's really good and tough to beat most of the time. Hats off to him!
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Re: Belmo and the 2020 US Open - 02/25/20 02:22 PM

I've always taken the fact that his family hasn't moved to the US as a sure sign that he has an exit planned. And he's said as much. But I know he has to also be thinking, "if I go til I'm 40, maybe I can get to 30 titles."

You also have to wonder if there's a contract with Storm and what that might stipulate.

I guess we'll really know when the next new season comes around. Does he show up for all the tournaments? Just the majors? Maybe not at all?
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Re: Belmo and the 2020 US Open - 02/29/20 01:17 PM

I caught myself pulling for Belmo> Was a good match to watch.
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Re: Belmo and the 2020 US Open - 03/17/20 07:45 PM

And pulling again for Belmo in the PBA World Championship Title