What a Disparity

Posted by: goobee

What a Disparity - 09/20/17 02:47 AM

A major bowling title only pays $20K to the winner. Gee, how much do golfers and tennis players get? thumbsdown

Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: What a Disparity - 09/20/17 02:02 PM

A whole lot more.

It's sad that the sponsors have abandoned this sport. Bowlers can't make a living at this rate. Being Ball reps is their only salvation.

When I bowled regionals, I was glad to break even on my expenses. I did clear a few grand one year. But, for me, it was a weekend away from chores and Honey Do list.

I'd just bowl from Detroit to DesMoines, and Milwaukee to St Louis. Anywhere I could get home on Sunday night, after bowling.

I have won more in ABT tournaments then Pro.
Posted by: goobee

Re: What a Disparity - 09/23/17 07:08 PM

I know someone like that. He was offered a sponsorship by a ball company and he turned it down. He did the math and he could make a better living not bowling on the pro tour.
Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: What a Disparity - 09/28/17 03:24 PM

The PBA has never been a place where many could make a living. Years ago, 'Bowlers Journal' had an all PBA issue where they listed all the members and their statistics. One statistic was earnings. After about 10 names, the rest had asterisks in place of earnings. At the bottom a note indicated that an asterisk indicated the person had not won at least $10,000.

Without a place for an audience, the PBA has always been at the mercy of television and/or a large single sponsor. The PBA itself is also part of the problem. The PBA $$ requirements for a bowling venue to host a PBA event is so punitive, few decide to do it.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: What a Disparity - 09/29/17 02:04 PM

Our local House was on the regular PBA tour as an annual stop. I would go and watch. It was cool to see the Pros and watch them bowl.

One of the main criteria was to have a large enough secured parking lot so all of those Motor Homes could park. And, hopefully, with electricity.
Yep, they were lined up, side by side. All with satellite dishes on the top.
The local pubs and restaurants gave away freebies to bowlers. It was a boon to the area, moreso then the bowlers.

When you had a couple hundred bowlers come from all over and bowl from Thurs to Sunday, it was exciting. Thursday and Friday qualifying. And, Match play on Saturday, leading to the step ladder on Sunday.

I watched one with keen interest, as a couple of my friends bowled in it. Their highest finish was 32 in qualifying, and the top 30 made some bucks on Sat and Sunday.
Posted by: champ

Re: What a Disparity - 10/09/17 02:35 PM

I've always wondered how the PBA can get itself on TV, but it can't get Pepsi, Coke, Ford, Chevy, Levis, Wranglers, Bud Lite, Miller Lite, etc to chip in.

Isn't that how TV works?

Isn't that the job of the marketing guy/team?

Years ago, when I had a TV, there used to be an awful lot of stupid things on. They find sponsors. But bowling can't? I know the PBA has had its ups and downs, but its been on TV since the advent. And no one wants to bite? I just can't fathom it.
Posted by: SteveH

Re: What a Disparity - 10/09/17 11:43 PM

They've been through just about every spec of the world looking for sponsors. The dirty secret ion sport now is that it's trending downwards. Most every sport anywhere the ratings truly suck. (bowling ain't bad by comparison).