One-handed-thumbless battle, who would win?

Posted by: BIGHMW

One-handed-thumbless battle, who would win? - 10/15/16 09:38 PM

Tom Daugherty or Mike Miller???

Both use one hand with their thumb out for strikes, and one-handed with their thumb in for most spares.

About Mike Miller:

Mike Miller won 3 PBA titles from 1991-99, including a major, his first win, came at the 1991 PBA National Championship. He also won in Wichita in 1992 and also in Dallas in 1999. In 1999 he also became the 14th player ever player to bowl a perfect 300 game on live television, that being at the National Bowling Stadium Open.

About Tom Daugherty:

Tom Daugherty, has a history of a different meaning. In 2011, he made his first ever TV appearance at the 2011 Tournament Of Champions, and against eventual title-winner Mika Koivuniemi, he bowled the lowest ever game on television, a 100, in his only match of the afternoon, of course Mika was on his way to an eventual 299 and Tom was just trying to "get out of the way" but got unlucky as every first shot went through the nose on his shots resulting in split-after-split-after-spilt. YIKES!!!

Tom has since won twice on the Tour, picking up victories in the 2012-13 Bowlers Journal Scorpion Open at the World Series Of Bowling (WSOB) in Las Vegas, and most recently at the 2016 PBA Wolf Open in Detroit.

In 2015, he was also a member of the Silver Lake Atom Splitters in the PBA League that successfully retained the Elias Cup that year.

Who takes the title in this titanic clash???