Audio on CBSSN Telecasts

Posted by: Mkirchie

Audio on CBSSN Telecasts - 09/23/16 11:19 AM

Did anyone else here watch the PWBA shows during the summer or watch the Wolf Open Wednesday night on CBS Sports Network? At least for me, the audio was going loud/soft for almost every PWBA show and there was a lot of background static with the Randy and Dave's voices during the Wolf Open. Has anyone else had the same problems with the audio that I am having? I'm curious if it is my cable company's feed of CBSSN or if they are constantly having trouble with the audio when the are recording the shows. I usually don't watch shows on CBSSN other than bowling so I don't have a basis for comparison.

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Re: Audio on CBSSN Telecasts - 09/23/16 11:33 PM

I had the same issues and there were similar audio issues with a PWBA telecast that got uploaded to Youtube so it's definitely CBSSN and not your cable operator.
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Re: Audio on CBSSN Telecasts - 10/15/16 08:09 PM

I myself never paid much attention to the Fall Swing, as it airs while I am at work, but how about the poor prize funding, where the winner of each event got only $10,000. This is absolutely ridiculous for the top players in the world to be paid 1968 prize money here in 2016.

Back in 1968, $10,000 could buy you a brand new 1968 Cadillac with some options as well, but now, I won't be nearly enough for even a Kia or a Hyundai, maybe a nice down payment on one but that's about it.

...and this is the same ownership of the PBA that took over in 2000-01 and revamped the prize fund with both a minimum total purse of $200,000 and $40,000 of it going to the champion, and all 4 majors had a minimum first place check of $100,000 ($120,000 at the PBA World Championship).

But now, even with our custom High 5 Gear jerseys and bowling balls featuring the latest and greatest technology available to the players (and those same players are in far better shape and take better care of themselves unlike yours truly here at 50 years old as I write this), and no major media source ever mentioning a peep about the Tour and who won every week, let alone any telecasts from the "big-four", "normal" (not cable, as cable is the minor leagues of TV) networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, or FOX), this is inexcusable for our tour to even get to the point of the networks not being allowed to mention any monetary amounts our players are bowling for.

This ownership has become a disappointment over the past 10 years, when prize fund and the champion's share of it have dropped drastically and now it's getting to the point where I probably will stop watching the telecasts altogether.

What is it gonna take to get more viewers under 50 to the telecasts???

Perhaps maybe PDW should get arrested for either a DUI or a DV situation, or maybe Kelly Kulick should release a wedding night video like Tonya Harding did 20 years ago, or perhaps maybe Scott Norton could get on Ellen (there was even a lobby a few years back by some in that community to get him on that show), that in its own right would've been great for the PBA and would've shown the true diversity of the players on our Tour. OR, maybe Sean Rash should throw yet another water bottle fight at Belmo (Oh wait, that was already tried by the PBA to jack up the failing Nielsen ratings back then and it didn't work, did it???)

....and finally this all leads to our players becoming almost innocuous and even non-existant in the mainstream sports world, nobody knows who PDW, Chris Barnes, Belmo or Sean Rash are, even when I'm rockin' one of my 8 custom PBA League jerseys or even my 12 Danny Wiseman button-down biker shirts like those very same ones he wore on his last 12 TV appearances (from 2002-09).

Like this DW shirt I picked up a few years back

...and even this custom one I had High 5 Gear do for me

And also, has anyone noticed on the PBA website that they only have 5 sponsors, with Barbasol, GEICO, and being the only non-bowling-specific sponsors. I hate to say this but nobody's gonna watch a telecast, especially a taped one at that, on a minor league (cable) network that chooses to go up against the NFL/NBA/PGA/Nascar juggernaut on the Big-Four networks every Sunday.

I also hate to tell the PBA this, but, from now on instead of me and Alice watching the telecast when it airs, I'll just wait until either Jeffro Bodine or BowlingVideos4All (I am already subscribed to both of their channels) uploads it a few hours later on either YouTube or Dailymotion. Sorry PBA, but if it weren't for those two YouTube users your Tour would go down in flames much like the original PWBA did in 2003, you're lucky that we watch them on YouTube on demand instead of inconveniencing our lives to watch the airing at 1:00 pm ET/10:00 am PT on ESPN.....

.....and get rid of those stupid As Seen On TV infomercials, most of them get blocked by the TV providers (mine is Dish) with their own ads instead anyways!!!
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Re: Audio on CBSSN Telecasts - 10/15/16 08:16 PM

Found a calculator that showed $10,000 today was worth $1,344.47 in 1966. Weak!
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Re: Audio on CBSSN Telecasts - 10/15/16 10:19 PM

Originally Posted By: 82Boat69
Found a calculator that showed $10,000 today was worth $1,344.47 in 1966. Weak!

Very weak indeed. The years of showing money leaders for the tour are sadly long gone. The continued audio problems throughout the fall swing are really annoying me. It's almost like both CBSSN and the PBA don't care about the product being televised. I can't imagine that they don't know it is happening.

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Re: Audio on CBSSN Telecasts - 10/16/16 05:34 PM

A top bowler's career earnings hardly matches 1 pro golf or tennis championship win. That is sad beyond sad. And both get to be Olympic events.