PBA on ESPN vs. Darts on Sky Sports

Posted by: BIGHMW

PBA on ESPN vs. Darts on Sky Sports - 01/29/15 11:19 PM

Can't we bowlers get ANY kind of respect from the mainstream media for even bowling a perfect 300 game on TV? Compare that to what professional dart players get over in the U.K., where they are treated as rock stars by both the fans (who are certainly more passionate and louder than your typical PBA TV audience) and the media "over there"?

Here is a clip of darts legend and 15-time World Champion, Phil "The Power" Taylor, throwing his 10-televised 9-dart 501 finish at the BetVictor World Matchplay in Blackpool, England. Just listen for yourself how he is treated like royalty or even a god by Sky Sports in the U.K. compared to how the mainstream media like those on ESPN here in the States treats our sport and greats like Belmo or even Sean Rash here.

HUGE difference. Why can't PDW or Belmo or Sean Rash get treated like this, just watch!!! smile