Article on the Masters at Carolier

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Article on the Masters at Carolier - 02/09/14 10:41 AM

This is a good article about the upcoming Masters from our major NJ newspaper. I liked the comments about how bowling is misunderstoon from Belmo and from Weber. Figured it was worth posting here.

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Re: Article on the Masters at Carolier - 02/11/14 04:00 PM

GREAT article on our great sport and the lack of respect it gets amongst the society at large.

INDEED WE ARE athletes and PDW was spot on with his quote of "walking 5,000 miles a year (on the approach) and carrying over 50 tons of weight (the various bowling balls used during that same approach) every year".

And how about "The Beast" himself, and our reigning US Open Champion, Wes Malott, his own son, Jordan, now carries a 190 average at the age of 10 and even shot a high game 287 last year, my hats off 2 ya Jordan :), I hope I see you on Tour real soon, he definitely has the championship meddle that his dad does right now, look out PBA!!! Come 15-20 years time, he will be perhaps one of the newer "Young Guns" out there trying to take down the legends (remember the "Young Guns vs. The Legends" angle the PBA tried in 2006-07?) and maybe even win a million dollars and a few majors as well in what will hopefully be a successful PBA stint.

I'm giddy about the USBC Masters this season, as I am every year, as it's one of the very few PBA tournaments that are broadcast LIVE as opposed to tape-delayed for a later air-date, in which the PBA now does for a majority of its tournaments.

As for moving PBA telecasts from bowling centers to arenas, we've been there, done that, we know how much more exciting it is bowling in front of THOUSANDS of fans in an arena, who are cheering for you every shot you make, remember when Bob Learn Jr. made the Flagship Open show on ABC in 1996? (yes I know it was pretty much a "wall shot"-type, high-scoring lane condition that famous day on ABC when he bowled a 300 game (against PBA HOF and then 49-year-old Johnny Petraglia who himself shot 279 in that first match) and went on to shoot 1129 (a 282.5 average for the 4 matches in that telecast, which today is still a PBA TV record)

And as for the low game on that show, it was shot by PBA Hall Of Famer, ESPN color analyst, and 13-time PBA tour titlist, Randy Pedersen, a big 257, now normally a 257 is good enough to win most matches/tournaments, but not when Bob Learn shoots 279 at him.
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Re: Article on the Masters at Carolier - 02/11/14 04:59 PM

Well financially it's a tough road for sure. As a fairly new bowler, this is the start of my sixth year I guess, I've learned that there's a lot to learn. I enjoy bowling on TV, and probably wouldn't if I didn't bowl. There's where you start.

Bowling has been popping up all over in bit spots on commercials, even an occasional reference on TV here and there. There's some pretty good interest in the junior programs here, and the last two years or so the lanes have been pretty full. Whether it's casual galactic bowling or birthday parties, it's all good.

Local articles like that are an excellent way to draw attention. Also at the local level, there's a tremendous difference between how lanes promote bowling. We have one old school center that promotes leagues and relies on them almost solely. The other center is much larger, has a nice new bar and grille, and has become a focal point. It's harder to promote as a sport though.