Lon McEachern the latest "new" voice of the PBA

Posted by: BIGHMW

Lon McEachern the latest "new" voice of the PBA - 07/15/12 01:51 PM

How many of you are watching the GEICO PBA Shootout? If you are and wonder why Lon McEachern is on it as opposed to his "day job" being the voice of the WSOP events on ESPN.

I wonder if maybe PDW may've scared off Gary Thorne with his over-the-edge victory and celebration of his record-breaking fifth U.S. Open.

I truly think Lon would be a batter choice, he is a natural for calling the shots out there, he sounds like he's having more fun calling the action than Gary Thorne did, although we need to break Lonnie Mac into the fold with the proper lingo/terminology, etc.

But why am I seeing more and more 1-800 TV offers as opposed to more legitimate sponsors? At least Budweiser, Pepsi, or Barbasol if not anything else, it sure beats watching the TV offer spots (too many of those every commercial break makes our tour look bad)
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Re: Lon McEachern the latest "new" voice of the PBA - 07/15/12 05:20 PM

I liked Lon way better than Gary. Could not stand Gary at the end of last year. Just wanted to go to sleep listening to him talk.
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Re: Lon McEachern the latest "new" voice of the PBA - 07/15/12 09:05 PM

I have to say, I was disappointed by Gary Thorne. I could listen to him at hockey games all day and night -- and have done so a few times -- just like I could listen to Hubie Brown read a phone book. ("See, now, in this league, 80% of the time, the guy back on a two-on-one will fake toward the ball and then cover the opposite man"...lol) He just sounded out of place.

Lon, though? Meh. I'm not sure the announce team matters all that much anymore.
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Re: Lon McEachern the latest "new" voice of the PBA - 07/16/12 09:06 AM

Even though I skipped over the commercials, as I always do, I was surprised at the "as seen on tv" commercials. But, if you're going to keep showing the liquor bottles in the background of the lounge where you're holding your went, I guess image isn't everything after all.
Lon was ok- I liked Gary Thorne, too, though, as I've heard him call hundreds of baseball games, and I've always thought he did a good job with that.
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Re: Lon McEachern the latest "new" voice of the PBA - 07/17/12 10:48 PM

Would like to see Lon's partner Norman Chad on PBA broadcasts. I can imagine it now.

"Jason Belmonte needs a strike here or he is whamboozled!"

"He was on the bowling team at Wichita State. I believe they are the Demon Deacons."

"Ryan Ciminelli, he's a kid with a dream."