My mock "Seducing Cindy" challenge match vs. PDW

Posted by: BIGHMW

My mock "Seducing Cindy" challenge match vs. PDW - 06/29/12 09:01 PM

Well, I know my Love Of My Life of 23 years, Alice Yantz is gonna kill me if she ever reads this post, but here is my idea for a mock Seducing Cindy challenge I must pass to get a date with my old classmate from high school in 1983-84, the one and only Cindy Margolis.

To get it, I would have to beat none other than "The Phil Hellmuth of Bowling" (for Cindy's reference to her sport of poker), 36-time PBA Tour titlist with 9 majors, bowling's baddest "bad boy" and 5-time U.S. Open champion himself, Pete Weber (PDW)

I know you think it will be mostly one-sided, but, much like ESPN PTI co-host Michael Wilbon got in his 2009 match against Wes Malott, I would get a hefty 57-pin handicap so at least I would get somewhat of a shot at doing so.

And also, it would take place at PINZ Bowling Center down in L.A., on a sport-compliant oil pattern, so then all I would have to do then is find the look out there on the lanes that I would need to get the job done.
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Re: My mock "Seducing Cindy" challenge match vs. PDW - 06/30/12 09:38 AM

Forget Cindy! I'd love to get a seat at the World Poker Tour!

BTW - You know those signs that say "Parking in the rear? I once went to a bar that had a sign out front - "Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear".

BTW BTW - Like Cindy, that one was in Playboy.
Posted by: BIGHMW

My "Seducing Cindy" challenge match vs. Norm Duke - 08/19/12 07:18 PM

I left that same SOLID 8 Norm Duke left in the 8th frame of this U.S. Open telecast, in the 2nd frame of my 3rd game of my practice ession this afternoon at All-Star Lanes in Silverdale, WA, on my way to shooting 187, if I had that 57-pin handicap I was referring to I go on to shoot 244 and beat Norm Duke to win that date I mentioned earlier with Cindy Margolis!!!

BTW, I have to admit I was bowling on a burnt-up pair leftover from last night's Rock 'n' Bowl session, not this brutal U.S. Open pattern smile