Indianapolis Pro-Am

Posted by: Mike O (molankuma)

Indianapolis Pro-Am - 04/01/12 12:34 PM

I attended the Pro-Am here in Indianapolis on Friday, a very good time smile The pros that I was able to bowl with were Ron Mohr, Anthony Lacaze, Aleto Monacelli, Andres Gomez, Bill O'Neill, and Norm Duke.

Pics with pros:

Certificate with signatures & scores:

I ended up bowling a 263 (split in 6th frame), 208 (right lane broke down for me, and I'm a lefty), and a 300 (only 2 no-tap strikes) smile Not sure when I find out the results of it of who cashed at the tournament, but will be paying attention to that to see...

Also ended up having a friendly bet with O'Neill...Duke was next to us and he left the 7-10 right before I was about to bowl, and I said that I wasn't going to bowl next to that. O'Neill bet a dollar that he would pick it up (he almost did, used 2 balls), but I thought he was joking. After I bowled he ended up handing me the dollar...entertaining smile