Yong-Jin Gu - one year later

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Yong-Jin Gu - one year later - 02/18/12 09:47 AM

It has been one year + since the small (now)-49-year-old South Korean lefty became the first South Korean to win a PBA national tour title. In this, what was supposed to be his title defense, I wondered how he did this year in the Scorpion Open, I'm sure he was invited to the WSOB to defend his title.

Many of us who watched that telecast last year (either as it aired, or on tape, DVD or on YouTube) still remember his displays of showmanship, the Mike Scroggins-like wrist brace he wore on his throwing hand, the shades to cut down the glare and, oh yeah, those shiny pants he wore for the show (or at least they appear shiny when they hit the TV lights in a certain way).

Here is Yong-Jin Gu in last year's WSOB Scorpion Championship:

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Re: Yong-Jin Gu - one year later - 02/18/12 02:08 PM

According to the official standings, Yong-Jin Gu averaged just over 201 and finished 111th this time. Just goes to show you how fickle bowling can be. smile
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Re: Yong-Jin Gu - one year later - 02/18/12 05:08 PM

Can u imagine bowling as your living? Scary prospect.