How do qualifying rounds work (PBA Regionals)

Posted by: Pin Bomber

How do qualifying rounds work (PBA Regionals) - 12/18/05 01:00 AM

I will be planning to bowl in some PBA regionals for the first time within the next few months.

The only real question I have is how the qualifying rounds are bowled. I know that everyone is assigned a squad and a squad time, but when I have gone to watch some of the regionals I see bowlers switching lanes all over the place after each of their qualifying games. So, exactly how does everyone know what lanes they are to bowl on in what order, or does it not matter as long as each game is on a different pair that is available? And, does everyone just do their own bowling during the qualifying or are you paired up with others in the same squad and move around with that same person until all the qualifying games are bowled? In some cases it seemed like bowlers just went to whichever lane was available when they were ready to start a new game.

I would appreciate any info on this. I am just a little confused on how to figure out the order of lanes you bowl on in the qualifyer, so hopefully someone who knows or has done it can help me out.

Posted by: bimmerman

Re: How do qualifying rounds work (PBA Regionals) - 12/19/05 07:41 AM

Here's how it works. Each bowler is assigned a starting lane, there will usually be no more than 5 on a pair. After each game, you will move to another pair of lanes for the next game. The number of pairs you skip will be determined by the number of lanes in the center. It needs to be setup so that you don't bowl on the same pair twice. Normally, you will skip one pair (sometimes more) of lanes between games. For example, let's say you are in a 32 lane house, and are starting on 1 and 2, and are skipping one pair betwen games. Here's the pairs you would bowl, your 8 games on.

Game Lanes
1 1/2
2 5/6
3 9/10
4 13/14
5 17/18
6 21/22
7 25/26
8 29/30

The recap sheet should be preprined with then lanes each game is on, so you will know what pair to go to for each game.