“Machuga Flop”

Posted by: kagekikr

“Machuga Flop” - 11/15/05 04:28 PM

I was just wondering what the folks out there thought about Mike Machuga's choice of celebration following his first ever title win. I can't wait to see how many bowling center employees freak out when they see the teenagers replicating what they saw a "professional" do on national television.
Posted by: Mutilated1

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/15/05 05:12 PM

I think it was retarded. A professional should set a good example and not do something stupid like that.
Posted by: cheetah

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/16/05 02:11 AM

Can you fill in for those of us who missed it what happened?
Posted by: Chief

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/16/05 08:34 AM

Apparently Mike Machuga is also a bit of a comedian and after pro-am events he finishes with a "stunt" he has dubbed the Machuga Flop. He approaches the lane in a normal manner and then instead of releasing the ball he hurls himself and the outstretched hand still holding the ball and "flops" 10 feet out on the lane. It was very amusing although at the time he did it he still needed 2 pins to win the match. It it true that he is not given a foul since he did not release the ball but it would have been a bad time to perform the stunt and be seriously injured (a possiblity) and not been able to complete the frame for his first national title. While the event was being replayed he brushed himself off and threw the last shot for the win. I also think he was lucky that the lane oil on his sliding foot did not cause him to stick and foul for real on the last shot. Again it would have cost him the title. I don't see a rapid influx of people hurling themselves onto the lanes anytime soon. And if they do a few torn rotator cuffs and bloody noses will ensue and it will be passe. It did friek me out though.
Posted by: Mutilated1

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/16/05 10:53 AM

Here is what he did...

You need windows media player.

Posted by: rcasey

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/16/05 12:03 PM

Rewatch that video, Chief. He didn't need 2 pins to win. Machuga had already locked up his first title before he did the flop.
Posted by: Chief

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/16/05 01:25 PM

I have the match on tvo but have not rewatched it yet, I was flipping between football and bowling and I thought he needed the count. I still would question the wisdom of the stunt when you depend on the game for your living.
Posted by: rcasey

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/16/05 01:52 PM

Well, I don't think he worries about hurting himself while doing it. He possesses some kind of wisdom about it as he has supposedly been doing it since he was very young, and has been doing it in Pro-Ams lately. I'll tell you what... that is one way to dry up flooded lane conditions real quick. smile
Posted by: Chief

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/16/05 02:32 PM

Think he will still do it when he is on the Senior tour? It was entertaining, I guess I am one of those worse case scenario guys.
Posted by: kagekikr

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/16/05 04:07 PM

Gotta love that TiVo huh Chief?? Anyway, what happened was, good ol' Randy P. stated after Machuga bowled the 9th frame that he needed two strikes and 2 pins in the tenth to lock the victory. As it turns out, bitter old Randy was wrong. Anyway, I thought it was entertaining, yes, just not sure it was the right place and time to do it.
Posted by: Smooth Stroker

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/16/05 08:41 PM

I loved it, but, I would've never done it. His body was flat out about 5 feet in the air. That had to hurt. If it didn't hurt him, it would've sent me to the hospital. Good thing it wasn't wood huh? What if he got a nice splinter through his chest? oh well. I heard he's been doing it since he was about 4. I bet he doesn't do it when he's 44.
Anyway, it got a nice spot on sportscenter. The only bad publicity is no publicity.
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Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/17/05 04:51 PM

help I have been frantically looking for the Machuga flop on the computer. The link that is posted earlier has sound and no picture. Doe anyone know where I can find this? I thought it was pretty cool, foolishly funny.....LOL

Posted by: Smooth Stroker

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/17/05 11:27 PM

Actually, if my kid does something stupid he sees on TV then I blame myself for not teaching him well enough the difference between right and wrong. We teach our children how to make decisions. That's the best you can do. There are many dumb things done on television. If parents do their job, then they have nothing to worry about.

There is a saying, if your friends jumped off of the empire state building yada yada yada.......................
Posted by: mrsuthern

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/18/05 10:29 AM

Wow there's a concept, a parent actually taking responsibility for raising their kids eek . And here I thought I was the only one these days with that burden. It is so nice to see that there are still parents other than myself that do that. Rather than blaming the world for "problems" they are having.

Although I haven't seen the footage. I have noticed that from the last time I watched bowling competitions there seems to be more emotions and actions allowed up there then there used to be. back in the '80-90's it was almost like watching golf. Big time way to catch up on your sleep. Now I can actually get into it.
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Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/18/05 02:17 PM

</font><blockquote><font size="1" face="VERDANA,ARIAL,HELVETICA,TAHOMA">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="VERDANA,ARIAL,HELVETICA,TAHOMA">Originally posted by Harle96:
help I have been frantically looking for the Machuga flop on the computer. The link that is posted earlier has sound and no picture. Doe anyone know where I can find this? I thought it was pretty cool, foolishly funny.....LOL

</font><hr /></blockquote><font size="2" face="VERDANA,ARIAL,HELVETICA,TAHOMA">It has video too, you just need the right version of Windows Media Player. Plays just fine for me.
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Re: “Machuga Flop” - 11/22/05 09:46 AM

When I was watching the match live, I thought he still needed the two pins (thanks to Randy's commentating) so I couldn't believe he actually did it! But watching it on replay I saw he had already won the match after the 2nd strike, I then thought it was kind of funny (but physically it seems risky).
Posted by: Future Pro Bowler

Re: “Machuga Flop” - 12/09/05 11:54 AM

if you go on PBA.COM and sign up for strikepass, its 8 dollars for a month subscription I believe. Its really worth it because you can watch all the ESPN events shown on sundays and mondays reshown as well as skill challenges. Great investment if you are a fanatic bowler.

Well you can watch streaming video of all the TV finals and they happen to have the machuga flop on that one. Yeah it is funny...quite painful Im assuming too...

Hope that helps,