Go Liz!!!

Posted by: Atochabsh

Go Liz!!! - 03/19/05 06:33 PM

Liz Johnson made history today by bowling her way to the championship round on the PBA tour. She'll be the first woman on a televised PBA championship. She was also the first bowler to make it out of the qualifying squad to TV this season. Watch for her on ESPN tomorrow. Full story is on the PBA web page.

Good luck Liz!

Posted by: LadyLuck

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/19/05 06:49 PM

Isn't it exciting?

I hope she wins. She'll make bowling history.

You go girl!!!! thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup
Posted by: Rob J in WNY

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/19/05 09:36 PM

Yes, from Cheektowaga at that (suburb of Buffalo, and where my girlfriend, a bowler herself, lives).

Really, how can anyone not want Liz Johnson to win this thing? Even a little bit?

I've been watching Liz throughout this season, and she has come up more than this time, but not nearly this far. She has made professional bowling history with her year, and now, in just about the most outstanding way, by qualifying to play for the title on TV! I will be rooting for her on the televised finals tomorrow.

Without a coveted PBA Tour "exemption" on her side, qualifying for the televised PBA finals, let alone match play, is just amazing. Also, with the recent ending of the LPBT, this brings a new twist into what has been a sport already dominated by men throughout the decades, save for many women pro bowlers such as Donna Adamek, Lisa Wagner, Aleta Sill, Tish Johnson, etc, through the years, who post scores as competitive as any men do.

And, amazingly, in qualifying, Liz Johnson took out Chris Barnes in the Round of 32 by winning the best of 7 with 4 win, 2 loss victory. One of the games she lost was to a perfect 300 game by Barnes. Liz shot 289. 2 freakin' 89! If you know bowling, then about the only way to lose to a 289 is for the opponent to shoot a 300 game.

(As a side note, I'm sort of bummed that Patrick Allen made it to the Round of 16 ahead of Barnes. I like Barnes a heck of a lot more than "PA" in the World Rankings point race, and with Allen already with a slight lead, his chances are a bit more sure this week to take it all, with only two more qualifying PBA Tour stops left.)

I will be cheering Liz on. Playing Wes Malott won't be easy on TV, as he de-seeded Walter Ray Williams, Jr., who is essentially like a modern day Earl Anthony, less one title, and considered by many to be the most accurate bowler to hit the PBA oil patterns. If she defeats Malott, she will face either Tommy Jones or Steve Jaros. Tommy has been outstanding this year, with television experience under his belt to boot, and Steve Jaros has simply dominated his match play opponents this week.

Slow and low, Liz. Keep it slow and low!

- Rob J

P.S. If only Lockport native Brad Angelo could just win his first PBA title!
Posted by: Mary Allen

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/19/05 10:11 PM

I'm right with you there Rob. I saw that on the PBA website. Way to go LIZ. That's even more fuel that I can add to my aspirations of becoming a pro-bowler. I met Liz at a pro am about three years ago and the ladies pro tour was still going. She doesn't look any different in person than she does on tv. She was very nice person to talk to. In fact I bowled against her and beat her by 4 pins at that pro am. It goes to show you that the women are every bit as good as the men. And I've been able to hang with bowling with the men here in my leagues and have beaten most of them. It all comes down to don't let anyone intimidate you and just let your bowling do all the talking. I've never missed a single telecast and have definately learned a lot. I'll be watching and will be rooting Liz on. Hey Liz I'm on my way to the tour in another year I hope to meet you there someday.
Posted by: Darrell

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/21/05 06:12 AM

How about Liz Johnson? HOW ABOUT LIZ JOHNSON?! Out of the demise of the PWBA a flower has bloomed, Liz Johnson. A new life and new era for Women Pro Bowlers has began. I am so glad for the Lady Pro Bowlers and Lady Bowlers everywhere, especially our own Bowling Fans Ladies. Liz has shown the Bowling world what I have already seen in my own League experiences that Women can "roll" with the best of them. I've seen win "king of hill" brackets, men's jackpots, and on and on. Congratulations Liz Johnson and Women Bowlers everywhere.
Posted by: Mary Allen

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/21/05 07:40 AM

I'm so happy and proud of Liz Johnson. I was disappointed that she finished in second place, but hey she'll get them next time. When I saw the telecast yesterday I was in complete tears and crying, because I see myself as a pro bowler in two years. To really see Liz out there representing the lady pro's and an aspiring pro bowler like me keeps my aspirations going stronger. I look forward to seeing myself out there playing with the big boys out there on the tour. I know it's not easy but there's nothing that I can't do and no man out there can intimidate me and will always live with this philosophy that the women are every bit as good as the men and can roll with the best of them. My heart felt congratulations to Liz Johnson and a awesome kick butt finish.
Posted by: makinshots

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/21/05 09:49 AM

Liz is a great bowler and a very nice person. I have rolled against Liz many times and she has always been very focused, effective and professional. Personally, I was not the least bit surprised to see her make the show and do as well as she did. Although there will be a lot of negative feedback from male bowlers who do not care for females entering their "playing field", the truth is that this show, undoubtedly, will post a huge viewing audience. I was bowling in a tournament myself yesterday and can tell you that the entire house was watching this historical PBA final. The comments were mixed with some people saying "how did a woman get in there" to "she is an awesome bowler and deserves to win", but one thing is for sure, it leaves a glimmer of hope to all women bowlers that maybe this will create a light at the end of our very dark tunnel. There is going to be a lot of talk about whether Liz' performance will be a plus or minus for a possible women's tour. As most of you know, their are plans in the making for a revitalized women's tour, and it will be interesting to see whether potential sponsors will now say "wow, these women can bowl, maybe they need to have their own tour again" or will the bowling world say "if they can bowl that well against the men, maybe the PBA should be creating more events for them". There has never been any real sponsor interest in the women's tour, be it poor marketing, administration, etc., and my only hope, as a prior PWBA member, is that somehow this will spark some interest in women's bowling. There is nothing more discouraging than having elite women bowlers, of which I consider myself one, with nothing to compete in. High school and collegiate bowling is on a slow rise, but after college, our younger counterparts have no where to go.

Mary Allen and other scratch women bowlers: I am helping to host a scratch women's open in Western PA, if anyone would like more information, contact me via private message and I will get the same to you. The event is June 17 and 18, 2005.
Posted by: Rob J in WNY

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/22/05 04:42 PM

Well, a little late in coming in, but it was great seeing Liz shoot like she did on Sunday. Super congrats to her.

I'm sure we'll see more of her in the coming season, if not again in the remaining of this.

Watch out guys, she has already proven herself on the Chameleon!

- Rob J
Posted by: Mary Allen

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/22/05 11:03 PM

Thank you Makinshots for your reply. I wish that I could attend your tournament in June. Unfortunately, I'm bowling in the ladie's state tournament at that time. But hey please keep me in mind for next years tournament I would be happy to attend then. I'm sorry that I couldn't respond to your past post, I've been busy bowling and being asked to sub in some leagues. A lot of people that I bowl with call on me a lot to ask to see if I could sub and I always say yes. Any opportunity to bowl I just love to bowl and have fun.
Posted by: makinshots

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/23/05 11:07 AM

Alright, not sure if we will be able to pull off this event another year (it was a PWBA regional, then LCT regional and now scratch) depends completely on bowler response. It is amazingly difficult to get bowlers to commit to tournaments where travel and overnight stays are involved, not to mention other costs, but I continue to try keeping women's scratch bowling alive.
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/23/05 01:19 PM

The problem with ladies scratch events is that you are catering to such a small market. In our house I think there are only 2 ladies over 200, three if you count ladies over 190. And we have about 550 bowlers in our house.

I'm quite dissapointed in women in general when it comes to bowling. There just isn't much interest there in getting better or elevating their game to its maximum.

But good luck with the tournament and I hope you do pull some great bowlers to participate.

Posted by: makinshots

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/23/05 02:25 PM

Thanks Erin. Luckily I have met some fellow regional/national players over the years that will provide a solid base for the event, but we are not seeing any new faces and that is where my concern is. The biggest problem is always the "there is not enough prize money for me to attend" line. That drives me crazy as it creates a nasty circle whereby you cannot get a center interested if you cannot get participation, with low participation the prize fund has to be low, and on and on.

I must admit to disappointment with women in this sport as well, and agree that it is a small market, but we cannot expect it to expand if we are unwilling to get involved. Geez, I sure hope this all gets sorted out before I end up in the senior bracket of the up and coming PWBA (or whatever we will call ourselves).
Posted by: Mary Allen

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/23/05 03:20 PM

Hey makinshots I just checked my schedule and my state tournament events are on the first weekend of June. I thought it at the time of the event that you're pulling together. I would love to attend but how much is everything from the entry fees to how long would my stay be? If you want to you can e-mail me with the details. [email protected] From there I can determine if my budget can afford all of the expenses. I wish that I had a sponsor.
Posted by: makinshots

Re: Go Liz!!! - 03/24/05 07:48 AM

You won't need a sponsor for this, believe me, the entry fee is only $80 (one day event) but I would like to see you come out for the "bowl with the ladies" event the night before which lowers your entry fee to $60. I am emailing you with the entry form.
Posted by: TurboManGT

Re: Go Liz!!! - 04/04/05 04:25 PM

I talked to Liz in Taylor, Michigan this last week. She is very nice and I wish her much success. And she was throwing Storm laugh