How long will the PBA Last...?

Posted by: iumatrix

How long will the PBA Last...? - 07/30/02 04:10 PM

Any ideas? There was a news article on a certain bowling company's website that mentioned this topic. One of the owners said "... the PBA will fold if it does not become a profit making business..." What do you think about this? Will you support the PBA and watch as it rises back to stardom on ESPN, or let it finally die (pull the plug)?
Posted by: George Freeman

Re: How long will the PBA Last...? - 07/30/02 05:32 PM

I haven't seen that article, but it doesn't suprise me. I had predicted back when they first took over that of they couldn't get the PBA to turn a profit in 3 seasons, they'd start thinking about cutting their losses. Even if they do, and we're on our own again, we'll still be in much better shape than we were before. We'll basically have a clean slate, where before we were umpteen million dollars in debt. It'll just be up to us to make it work.

Besides, if the current owners decide to leave, maybe we can get some of the old conduct standards replaced and restore some integrity to the player's actions.
Posted by: Mike D.

Re: How long will the PBA Last...? - 07/31/02 03:05 PM

Well, since I don't see any more senior telecasts and ESPN has made a point of butchering many of the PWBA broadcasts, I would not be too surprised to see the PBA end on television. I hope not, but $$ usually tells the tale nowadays. crying
Posted by: Mr. Eagle

Re: How long will the PBA Last...? - 08/02/02 10:10 PM

The best thing to do is eliminate all the overhead and have tournaments ran by a single person or proprietors........all bowlers eligible to participate.

Bowling centers do not need the tour for open or league bowling promotion!