PBA Bans Use of Caddies

Posted by: PBA Caddy Mike

PBA Bans Use of Caddies - 11/05/01 06:42 PM

I just found out the new PBA will no longer allow PBA members to have caddies. I'm not talking about ball reps, I'm just a kid who hauls the bags for a touring pro.

My goal was to be a PBA player some day, but now what? I hope the new owners change their mind--quick!
Posted by: snap da 7

Re: PBA Bans Use of Caddies - 11/05/01 11:44 PM

The obvious question that comes to mind right away is.........Why??

I'm sure the PBA has sound reasoning for doing that, but does anyone know what that reason is?
Posted by: TokyoCory

Re: PBA Bans Use of Caddies - 12/19/02 03:52 AM

My thought is that the less traffic on the approach and standing area is the less chance of getting foreign material tracked down. Im sure that they take all the precautions with the caddies. Its taking it a little far to be that paranoid about that type of stuff, but then again i think its a taking it a little to far to have someone move your equiptment for you too.
Posted by: practicesessionleader

Re: PBA Bans Use of Caddies - 01/17/03 11:58 AM

I believe it's good for the kids. I spent a little time on tour and we didn't have caddys to often, and when we did, it was mostly in matchplay. The kids never got in the way and it was exciting for them to brush elbows with the guys they grow up idolizing. If they can't be allowed then there shouldn't be scorekeepers in the bowlers circle at the World Championships either, which is a crock. Just my opinion.
Posted by: Bowlerski

Re: PBA Bans Use of Caddies - 02/02/03 08:48 AM

I agree that it was great for the kids to get to rub elbows with their idols. While I was stationed in Las Vegas, I got to see many of the matches at the Showboat (now the Castaways). It was a real boost to the ego when you saw them struggle, and then to realize that they are human too! For the most part they were all very courteous, and would take the time to interact with other fans between matches. Autograph signing was always a great joy to get the ones you wanted, and to see others chatting and gettin them from their favorites. It's a shame that they are doing away with the caddies, and I hope that they do bring them back soon!
Posted by: TMorgan

Re: PBA Bans Use of Caddies - 03/10/05 12:37 AM

I was on tour with my father for a summer in 1989. Now while I wasn't caddying bags and balls from the paddock to the lanes, I did watch the paddock while the pros were either in their practice session or during the tourney itself. For doing this Larry Lichstien allowed me to pick a bowling ball off the truck and get it drilled. I also got to talk to each of the pros while they were in the paddock before and after the block. I had the summer of my life. a 17 year old kid in the middle of all the pro athletes he was watching on Television every weekend before that summer. It was during this time that I became a big Randy Lightfoot fan... That guy was just as nice away from the lanes in the relative privacy of the paddock as he was out in the public eye. He would bend over backwards to help someone with their game as long as they were serious about it.
Posted by: petrinjak

Re: PBA Bans Use of Caddies - 03/15/05 04:50 PM

I didn't know bowling caddies existed...learn something new everyday.