PBA video clips

Posted by: Shkoditch115546789

PBA video clips - 09/08/01 08:59 PM

dose anyone have any video clips of any PBA or PWBA
Posted by: Express

Re: PBA video clips - 09/10/01 12:29 AM

You can make your own clips wink

I think the women are bowling tomorrow night on ESPN2. There are also a lot of PBA shows coming up. This site has a listing of all the telecasts under Other Features.
Posted by: usr bin geek

Re: PBA video clips - 09/10/01 01:50 AM

Whoops! I noticed we didn't upload the PWBA's telecast times and dates for September and October. This has been corrected.

FYI, there is a PWBA tournament tomorrow on ESPN2 at 8PM ET. smile
Posted by: Kevin Legge

Re: PBA video clips - 07/23/02 02:55 AM

Did you ever get a source for these video clips? I'm in Italy and can't get any broadcasts so I'm looking for someone with video recordings of tournaments.