PBA Memories

Posted by: Angel

PBA Memories - 03/08/01 11:40 AM

Now that fans must wait until September for another PBA telecast, I figured I'd start a thread that might keep the fires going.

What are your favorite PBA telecast memories?

It can be as silly as the Pete Weber trophy fall, or when Dave Husted walked down the gutter cap with his towel to get a fly off the lane.

Or maybe it's a particular tournament win like Tom Milton and his neoprene elbow support winning the Miami Open in the late 1980s.

Maybe it was being in the audience of the ACDelco in Lakewood when Tommy Delutz, Jr. won his first title, or the first 300 you saw bowled on TV (Bob Benoit, Pete McCordic) or the 300 that nearly wasn't seen (Steve Jaros).

I've given you some of my favorite memories from the PBA telecasts--now let's hear from others! laugh
Posted by: Jarhead

Re: PBA Memories - 03/08/01 03:00 PM

One of my favorites was when Marshall Holman kicked and broke the foul light! Also, when Mark Roth picked up the 7-10 split! eek

Rick laugh