Which PBA Announcer?

Posted by: Angel

Which PBA Announcer? - 02/26/01 03:12 PM

Now the bowling fans have seen the four PBA color men for the telecasts: Marshall Holman, Randy Pedersen, Brian Voss, and yesterday, David Ozio.

I've never been a Marshall fan, and while I like to watch Randy bowl, he seemed to be a little over the top. Voss didn't impress me much, but Ozio in one telecast had me listening. He gets one more chance next week, but I'd give him the nod over the others on the one telecast already.

What are your thoughts?
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Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 02/26/01 03:27 PM

I'd like to take parts of Marshall, Randy and David and put them together. Brian Voss is terrible though, I hope he's never behind the mic again. My "order" would be:

1. Randy Pedersen
2. David Ozio
3. Marshall Holman
4. Brian Voss
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Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 02/26/01 03:48 PM

What would make me happiest is if Jim Kelly never brought up golf again. Earth to Jim, Earth to Jim. You're no longer hosting golf. Get over it already! :rolleyes:

I'd like to see just Ozio and Pedersen host the show. laugh

Who says there must be a "professional" announcer on the show? The professional doesn't even seem professional with his constant mentions of golf.
Posted by: Express

Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 03/06/01 02:05 PM

I agree completely with you Steve.
Posted by: Bob

Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 03/20/01 12:35 PM

Ozio was the best. He did the best play by play and made it really interesting.
Posted by: JennB

Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 03/20/01 09:34 PM


I agree with you 110% Steve!!! laugh

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Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 03/21/01 06:29 PM

eek surprised to hear the things about marshall. I really liked Marsh. Voss is horrible though I would agree with everyone on that. He is way to quiet and I had to turn up the set just to hear him! Randy isn't too good either. All he ever talks about is "High Flush", I must've heard him say, "that shot was HIGH FLUSH just where he wanted it!" about 50 times at least. Ozio is good, too.
The way I see it:
1.Marshall Holman (he's classic come on)
2.David Ozio
3.Randy Petersen
108.Brian Voss
Posted by: BowlingFanscom

Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 07/27/01 02:01 PM

The PBA's long-awaited decision on who would preside in the broadcast booth has been made. Fan favorite Randy Pederson will join announcer Jim Kelly to cover the 20 ESPN broadcasts that begin in September.

Read the article at:
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Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 07/27/01 05:09 PM

It's not surprising the PBA went with a younger color personality than Marshall. Demographics are demographics, and it's what sells advertising.

I've always enjoyed watching Randy since he did commercials out this way for a bowling supply company. Those were a tad corny, but not over the top. Perhaps Randy can settle into the role as announcer without the need for Ritalin smile
Posted by: Ed

Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 07/28/01 01:47 PM

I think ESPN would benefit more my having both Randy Pedersen and Marshal Holman. Marshal could be in the booth, keeping Jim Kelley's mind on the game instead of golf, and Randu would be great doing interviews.
Posted by: pindreamer

Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 08/12/01 02:41 AM

A couple of years ago Marshall Holman qualified for a tv show and Bryan Goebel took is place on the broadcast. I thought he did a fantastic job. To be honest I haven't been thrilled with any of the guys espn has tried. To me the combination of Kelly and Pederson was the worst so it figures that's who they would go with. If I had anyone in the bowling industry to pick from though I would love to see Mo Pinel. The tour would never be the same.
Posted by: The Fish Bowl

Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 08/12/01 05:41 AM


Mo would be hysterical and you're right the tour would never be the same. I could picture him hosting the show with a CC and tonic in his hands the entire show and he'll also digress frequently with graphic details of his sexual escapades and conquests. wink

Seriously, all the viewers would also need the official "Mo Technical Jargon to English Dictionary."
Posted by: eric820

Re: Which PBA Announcer? - 08/15/01 12:09 AM

Does it matter? They still haven't replaced Billy Welu with a credible color guy. (OK...maybe that's stretching it a bit. But for those who remember, it's tough to avoid the comparisons). I'll settle for *anybody* if they'll just come off as genuine. The Tour has been lacking a lot of that the past few years. (Forced crowd noise is the worst).

I like Marshall just because I've gotten used to him.