I am psychic

Posted by: George Freeman

I am psychic - 02/25/01 05:08 PM

I said a few weeks ago that the day is coming where the new PBA will let players bowl in shorts. Sad.
Posted by: Express

Re: I am psychic - 03/06/01 02:07 PM

Don't get upset yet. They'll soon have them wearing capes and tights like wrestlers. wink
Posted by: SmittyJr

Re: I am psychic - 03/09/01 09:06 AM

How about masks. Wouldn't it be great to have the unknown bowler? "Bowler X makes his way down the approach...strike!" Then he body slams his opponent picks up his check and runs out the back door. I'll bet Sunday afternoon's ESPN's bowling ratings would go up. wink
Posted by: meech

Re: I am psychic - 03/09/01 02:14 PM

There hasn't been any complaints about women wearing shorts. What we wear shows our individual personalities. Take Wiseman for example with his leather pants. Kudos to him for breaking out of the oh so boring polo shirt and khakis era. Leave that for the total introverts of the world. wink
Posted by: jeaukool

Re: I am psychic - 03/16/01 01:03 AM

Try that on the pga tour and see what happens. Why does the rules have to change in the first place? Maybe we should allow the bowlers to have a pitcher of beer and a pack of smokes down in the settee area. The pba is getting soft. Keep the rules and enforce them.