All lefty telecast :-(

Posted by: mrteach3

All lefty telecast :-( - 02/19/01 02:25 PM

After watching the tour on Sunday, I was disgusted. All lefties. That really is pathetic. That should put to rest the discussion that lefties have it easier than righties. There is no doubt in my mind anymore. Any comments?????
Posted by: George Freeman

Re: All lefty telecast :-( - 02/19/01 04:18 PM

<snicker> How come when the show is all righties noone complains then?

Now, if it were 5 lefties noone has ever heard of before, then maybe there would be some merit. But we got Bohn, Couch, Ward, Forkel (who it was good to see make a telecast again after a near fatal injury), and I cant remember the 5th guy. These are all players with established credentials.

Oh well, there will always be complainers and crybabies both left handed and right handed. It's like death and taxes, both are guaranteed smile smile
Posted by: snap da 7

Re: All lefty telecast :-( - 02/19/01 10:34 PM

Relax, it's just one tournament. That hasn't happened for 4 years. Everyone gets bent out of shape when 5 lefties make the show, but no one says a thing when no lefties cash in a tournament (which happened several times last year).
Posted by: Bowlerdude

Re: All lefty telecast :-( - 02/25/01 07:10 PM

I wonder what Len Nicholson is thinking now?
Posted by: jeaukool

Re: All lefty telecast :-( - 03/16/01 01:11 AM

When they finally come to their senses and install a lane that has a finish that doesn't require oil, then bowling will gain credibility. When the lane is even across and you have to have "talent" i.e. same speed, same target, not a hook-in-the-bag ball, maybe the sport will be recognized as legitamit. [censored] Weber was rumored to favor all pros using white dots with straight up drilling, back in the 80's, to make it fair. When that happens, I'll bowl again.
Posted by: Rocket Jr Coordinator

Re: All lefty telecast :-( - 03/16/01 06:58 PM

Even with an oil-less lane, there will be issues of friction caused by uneven use between the right and left side over time.

The issues of "equality" are so complicated, I seriously doubt in any of our lifetimes will we see it completely abated.
Posted by: jeaukool

Re: All lefty telecast :-( - 03/17/01 10:28 AM

I believe the surface would be very durable in the first 10-15 feet so that the surface would not be altered over time. The next section would have a rougher finish so that the ball could grip the lane. Again, this would be a flat, consistant pattern straight across the lane and have a surface that would not change. The back end would have the roughess finish. We have to do something or bowling will stay the "carnival" sport that it has become. :rolleyes:
Posted by: MiltonBowl

Re: All lefty telecast :-( - 03/17/01 12:19 PM


If it was technically feasible, which it isn't, who is going to pay for it?

Knowing the temperature and the thoughts of most proprietors this would be the final nail in the coffin for league bowling. They're just not going to be able to justify the expenditure to themselves or their banks and creditors.

I see and speak with a lot of other proprietors and managers all over the US and most of them (myself excluded) are starting to believe (or at least wondering if) they can make more money with open bowling and parties because open bowlers ARE willing to pay over 3 bucks a game and over 2.50 for shoe rental without blinking. The statistics show that open bowlers also turn the lanes over faster and spend much more per hour than league bowlers.

The open bowlers could also careless about lane conditions and are not going to give the manager and the desk person a migraine with moronic and uninformed whining about them. Most of the bowlers who complain can't hit the same mark twice, but, I digress. The predominant thought is the center will be able to spend less on lane care since they don't need the $20 to $30 large machine every 3-5 years, the expensive lane conditioning oils with all the additives so the condition doesn't move and carry down, the new set of pins each season, or have the more qualified (higher paid) mechanic/pinchaser in the center as often. Also keep in mind that league bowlers demand these benefits at a lower price.

Since open bowlers don't have knowledge about the these other things they don't care about having them. To make them happy all you need is a clean center, open lanes, a high school kid in the back, what ever lane oil is on sale that month, and a set of recoated pins. Most centers also have automatic scoring, bumper lanes across the house, sound systems, and disco lights and the general public is getting to know this now. They're not intimidated to go out on a weeknight or on the weekend to bowl and meet new people and have a fun time.

Ten years ago most centers were lucky if they could fill 1/2 of the center with open bowling when they had lanes available. Today most centers are turning people away during open bowling times because they're always full or close to it. This is especially the case if their center is sized to the population and they are in an area that's economically viable. The few centers across the country that have told all their leagues to get lost are doing very well, much better in fact!

Making the proprietors invest in new oil-less lanes to bring back the Sport would really make proprietors question, "why should we put up with the league bowlers?" Unfortunately there is just not enough benefits from league bowling anymore. Most proprietors don't have the luxury to care about the Sport aspect because they only want to survive to put food on the table. It's a sad state, but, this is what's on the minds of most proprietors now.

FWIW, I care about the Sport and league bowling and that's why we still have 2 full shifts of leagues almost every night. It's a lot of work keeping league bowlers happy but I think it's still worth it. smile
Posted by: Bowlerdude

Re: All lefty telecast :-( - 03/23/01 11:22 PM

You are wrong about oil-less lanes being technically unfeasible... you don't have to believe me just ask Bill Taylor. Taylor came up with lanes that required no oil many years ago. I was lucky enough to get to bowl on a test pair he developed.

MiltonBowl I think the best thing you can do is to just go wall up the lanes at your house so that all of the cosmic bowlers can have a great time!

This is the exact attitude that the BPAA had when they forced the ABC to adopt the short oil rule which was the beginning of the down fall of our sport! I hope there aren't many proprietors that think the way you do because if they do then our sport will surely die! Later, Bowlerdude
Posted by: MiltonBowl

Re: All lefty telecast :-( - 03/23/01 11:56 PM

Bowlerdude, I suggest you more carefully read posts before you respond. Its quite clear WE AGREE, but, since you were so quick to post something negative it seems like you didn't bother to read my entire post. :p

I have spoken with Bill Taylor before. If Bill Taylor's lane worked then why weren't they ever sold? Oh yea, they had the small problem that they wouldn't hold up and last. That is why they never been sold and why they're not technically feasible.
Posted by: George Freeman

Re: All lefty telecast :-( - 03/24/01 04:57 PM

I have spoken with Bill Taylor before. If Bill Taylor's lane worked then why weren't they ever sold?

Same reason the eletric car didn't sell here. It would have taken the money out off too many people's pockets. The fuel producing companies would have lost out on trillions of dollars in oil and fuel had the electric car hit big, so they made sure it didn't.

However, Taylor's lane didn't do everything they had hoped it would do. Then again, neither did synthetic lanes. They've found out that they do not hold up nearly as well as they had originally hoped or intended. But, it kept lane manufacturers in buisness, and since there was still a need for oil to be applied to the synthetics, everyone was happy. An oil-less lane would have put the oil companies basically out of buisness had it taken off.

Eventually everything comes down to money. It's not pretty, but it's how the world looks.