TV Show

Posted by: Bob

TV Show - 02/08/01 03:52 AM

I think the telecasts sound too much like golf broadcasts. They are too quiet and subdued now.

Jim Kelly could be much more enthusiastic and learn some thing about the sport. Even better, why don't they just use two pro bowlers as hosts? Its not much fun to watch the show when even the hosts cant get that excited about it.
Posted by: seadrive

Re: TV Show - 02/08/01 11:41 AM

I think Randy Pedersen is a great color commentator. He really got pumped up about the matches last week, and you could tell it.

Jim Kelly is okay as a host, I think. You need someone who doesn't know everything there is to know about bowling, to come up with questions for the Pedersens and Holmans, that explain the game to those who aren't that familiar with it.

I agree with you that Kelly needs to stop drawing comparisons between bowling and golf. As someone on the PBA board said, "Enough with the friggin' golf!"
Posted by: Anakin Skywalker

Re: TV Show - 02/10/01 11:16 PM

I'm the one who said enough with the friggin golf and I feel the same way now as I did then -- this guy obviously has a golf fetish.