PBA Tour vs Senior Tour WRWJ

Posted by: Hooker

PBA Tour vs Senior Tour WRWJ - 02/17/10 10:54 AM

WRWJ doesn't seem to age....He is bowling at such a high level this year with 2 tour titles and a handful of TV shows made....He is 50 years old now and elgible for the Senior Tour. He said he may dable in a few Senior Tour events for the most part plans on going nowhere when it comes to the regular tour....

My question is...If he continues to be exempt on the regular tour, how long can stay on the regular tour? Would he ever be forced at a certain age to bowl in the Senior Tour?

This guy just keeps bringing it and briging it......Boy would I have loved to see him and Earl battle it out....on the new oil patterns and new ball technology.....That would be a treat....I would love to see how dominate Earl may have been on todays tour.....Still Earl was the best of the best. RIP.
Posted by: B-Hammer

Re: PBA Tour vs Senior Tour WRWJ - 02/17/10 11:51 AM

There is no forced retirement, if he can stay exempt he can keep bowling on the main tour.

Golf is the same way Freddy Couples and others will play in both the regular and senior tour events until they loose their cards and exemptions.

As far as how long he will go his heart seems to still be in it so that shouldn't be a problem, but physically with as much as he grabs it at release their could be arthritis types of issues that start to get in the way. Also if he passes Earl for most majors then you might see him call it a career.