Posted by: CODY

SUMMER LEAGUE - 04/11/05 09:54 PM

Who is joining a summer league and how many?
Posted by: SDBowler

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 04/14/05 05:33 AM

I will be joining 2 leagues.

The only problem is I have to drive an hour to get there.

My town's lanes close during the summer so I'll be headed to another town that ia an hour away to bowl.

But oh 1 hour won't keep me away from the game I love
Posted by: RHWestar57

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 04/14/05 07:05 PM

I am joining an adult-child league with my son. This will be our first time as team members (he's 12). It'll be fun for both of us.
Posted by: BBowler

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 04/16/05 11:21 PM

At this time I am not sure how many leagues. I am bowling 1 Sport League, if it is run for the summer, and a scratch trios league for sure. I am also possibly bowling a Vegas league and a fun hdcp league.
Posted by: BigBowlla

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 04/18/05 08:37 PM

I will be on at least 2 leagues. Tuesdays, a five man battle of the sexes league at one house, and on Thursdays, another five man battle of the sexes leagues at the house I bowled my last tournament in. I want the $2000 1st place payout, so now I have 2 chances to get it. thumbsup
Posted by: Reido

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 04/20/05 06:32 AM

I'm getting into a no-tap league with my wife over the Summer. It'll be my first no-tap league and I'm looking forward to putting up some big numbers from time to time, even though in the back of my mind I'll know it's only "make believe".

I think it'll help me over the long run though. It might get me used to seeing 8 or 9 strikes in a row and perhaps help me to say "I've been here before" when I put 8 or 9 together for real. That experience just might help me to keep going on a big string and not get too nervous since I will have seen the strings before.

The night of league will also serve as a time alone for my wife and me, a time to be away from the girls and to have some fun together. I also plan to work on my game and do some tournaments if I can.

Posted by: Gorney

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 04/20/05 05:13 PM

I am taking the summer off to get surgery done on my knee and my non-bowling wrist
Posted by: Squirrel

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 04/20/05 06:06 PM

I'm joining 2 leagues, one right here and another in a city 1/2 hour from here. I've been having fun the last 8 months since I got back to bowling, so I figure I may as well double the fun for the summer. wink
Posted by: cheetah

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 04/21/05 03:15 PM

I'm in a league this summer that gives out produce and meat as prizes (in addition to the prize money). 1 strike is a piece of produce, and a double is two. You can buy tickets to win meat, and when one of your tickets is called (about 5 to 10 times per week), you roll a dice to see if you have to roll a 7, 8, 9 or strike (intentionally throwing a 7 or 8 is hard). If you shoot what you were supposed to, you win anything from bacon to a turkey.

On a side note, my fall league team was down 100 pins last night for the league championship match, and in the 10th frame of the 3rd game, we figured that nearly all of us needed to strike out to win. Our 1st, 3rd, and 4th bowlers doubled. Our 2nd bowler opened, but he shot his career high series and 162 pins over his average. We then realized that our 5th bowler also had to double for us to win, and he struck out to win by 11 pins for our first ever 1st place finish...
Posted by: Darrell

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 04/25/05 09:36 AM

I am of the persuasion that a "real" bowler does not not leave the sport for the summer. I have plenty of opportunities for summer league action and I may avail myself of the privilege yet.

But I definitely have plans to practice three days a week even on my vacation in Las Vegas in July. I also have made reservation for personal coaching and I will continue training as often as neccesary until I have reached my off season goals.
Posted by: flacoman

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 05/24/05 03:14 PM

I'm going to bowl with a neighbor in a mixed summer league, but I may need to get my knee 'scoped. I do want to keep on going because I finally feel like I'm having a little better command of where the ball is going. I'm hitting the same board more often than not, and working on developing different relases to change breakpoint and angle. I spent 18 months unable to bowl (shoulder) and I want to get my chops back.
Posted by: BBowler

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 05/27/05 11:37 PM

It is almost official 2 leagues plus sessions withmy coach for the summer. Monday Scratch Sport Trios League, Tuesday Match Point Scratch Trios League, and Sunday a fun mixed Handicap league- 4 man teams.

Tuesday league already started, I've got 6 of 12 points and probably the league record for most splits in a game - 6 in a row this past Tuesday in game 3 spares frames 1-4 and splits frames 5-10. One of the guys on the opposing team was even calling people over to see :p I had a total of 11 splits in the first 3 games and no splits in game 4.
Posted by: TeleBowler 2005

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 05/29/05 10:34 AM

Im joining a have a ball league when u get a free bowling ball at the end
Posted by: kagekikr

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 05/29/05 11:21 PM

A summer without bowling? I think not!
Posted by: Tyveil

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 06/03/05 05:48 PM

I'm bowling in my first summer league ever. We get 3 free games a week just by being in the league, and I'm bowling my highest average ever so far - 177 (it was 133 in 2003/2004, 152 in 2004/2005). I don't know why it took me 5+ years before I realized bowling is a year round sport!!
Posted by: TurboManGT

Re: SUMMER LEAGUE - 06/16/05 11:35 AM

I bowl wednesday and thursday nights and my average is really creeping up there haha.