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Posted by: redzilla

League info - 01/05/05 04:17 PM

Hi everyone,

I recently joined a league with some of my friends and we're going into our 5th week. Now I've been in a league before (about 11 years ago!), so I was already familiar with the basics. This is a similar league where we will go to Laughlin for sweeps at the end of the season. More on that in a minute...

In our rules handout, it mentions that the 6th week is a round robin week. What is it?? From what I can tell you can win awards, but I have no idea what it's all about. I don't recall something like this mid-season the last league I was in. I think the head of the league assumes that everyone is a seasoned league pro and knows what all this stuff is.

For the Laughlin sweeps...it is similar to the Vegas league I was in. All I remember is playing a final 3 games in Vegas, and apparently you can win awards. I know there will be a first and last place team award, but what are the other awards and stuff generally given for? I really have forgotten what happened during the sweeps. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by: BBowler

Re: League info - 01/21/05 11:18 PM

I'm not sure about the Round Robin, unless it is a position round where 1st bowls 2nd, 3rd bowls 4th, and so on. In one league I bowled, an all women's league they ran a mini sweepers mid season since several bowlers were delegates to Nationals and would be gone that week.

As for sweeps there are a few options on how they are run. One option is everyone puts in a flat amount, such as $25. That puts everyone in with everyone else and money is paid out for the top so many in each event. The events being Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Payouts are dependent upon the number of people entering and based on total series.

The other option involves the same events, but rather than a flat fee, bowlers chose who they want to enter with. The fees are generally something like $1.00 per person for doubles events and $2.00 for singles.