Bowling Banquets

Posted by: JBS259

Bowling Banquets - 10/29/03 07:38 PM

I'm new to this board and have enjoyed reading some of your posts. I need ideas for bowling banquets- fun things to do along with ideas for table settings that can be given away. I have decorated pins for other leagues but want to do something different. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Posted by: yankeebowler

Re: Bowling Banquets - 01/29/04 03:22 AM

I am new to this board but my league holds a banquet every year since we formed it 20 years ago. I have done floral centerpieces, balloons & ribbons on tables, plastic cups with candy in them, bowling accessories wrapped as gifts (such as rosin bag, brush, cleaner bag, bowling pin, etc). certificates of different accomplishments....
Last year I did it as a USA theme in honor of our troops and I did the bowling pins red/white/blue. These were on the tables along with vases of flags which were given out in a ticket draw. We also raffled off a USA ball and they liked the idea so much that we raffled off 2 more balls.
Every one brings the favorite food and they tried to keep the theme in it also. We took a group picture last year that was put into the American Bowling Magazine which was a huge thrill for all of us. This year we are going to do a Las Vegas Theme and I am already thinking of table pieces.
I will probably do the Casino coin cups with candy, some with cards and some with dice. And get some inexpensive Vegas gifts to hand out to everyone. I will also try and find a Vegas bowling ball to raffle off. They seem to enjoy having a chance to win a new ball each year and have a group picture taken.
If you want to ask me anything else you can e mail me. at
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Hope I was of some help.
Glad to meet you