Mixed League Sanctioning

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Mixed League Sanctioning - 10/19/03 11:57 AM

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I bowl in a ladies league and sanctioned through WIBC.

I joined a mixed league in the same house and told them that I was already WIBC sanctioned through my other league. I was just told that they were only accepting ABC sanctioning and I would have to join ABC and pay additional dues.

I have bowled in mixed leagues for many years and my WIBC membership was always honored.

Can a mixed league deny WIBC membership?


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Posted by: Angel

Re: Mixed League Sanctioning - 10/19/03 12:34 PM

In a word, yes. A league decides which group it will be sanctioned through, and a league decides the composition of its bowlers.

A league could be an all-women's ABC league, an all-women's WIBC league, an all-men's ABC league, a mixed ABC league, or a mixed both league.
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Re: Mixed League Sanctioning - 10/19/03 03:08 PM

I've bowled in several leagues where they allowed ladies to bowl, but were ABC only sanctioned. I've carried dual sanction cards for years,and though its a bit more expensive it does mean that you can bowl in just about any event out there. If you bowl an honor score, it also means you get two sets of awards. Guys can't do that. So I guess its up to you, if you want to bowl in an ABC only league, you have to buy the ABC card.

It doesn't cost anything but a stamp, but its up to the league whether they want to be ABC, WIBC or ABC/WIBC. You can always contact your local WIBC association and ask them why this particular mixed league does not sanction WIBC. The association gets $$s for every card bought, so it is to their advantage to have any mixed league dual sanctioned.

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Re: Mixed League Sanctioning - 10/22/03 06:32 PM

I guess I have no choice but to pay additional ABC sanction fees.

Since the threshold is higher for ABC awards I guess I'll have to look at it as a challenge.

I just got a new ball a few weeks ago and my consistency rate has gone up tremendously so maybe there's hope to reach an ABC award level.

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Re: Mixed League Sanctioning - 10/22/03 10:04 PM

Well, ABC has a new set of awards for lower average bowlers. So if you fall into that catagory you may be eligible for more awards then you first thought.

And, as I said before, you can always contact your local WIBC association. They are out there to serve you the lady bowler and you've paid your sanctioning. It maybe that with just some assistance from them you're league would be willing to dual sanction. Any bowling center in your area should be able to put you in touch with your house representative.

Good luck,

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Re: Mixed League Sanctioning - 10/23/03 09:51 AM

I'm averaging 173 so I don't fall into that category.

I called WIBC's main office and they told me the league decides who they want to sanction with.

I asked them if next year I could call the local office and ask them to approach the league to see if they would be interested in sanctioning with WIBC. They told me I can't ask them. Since
I'm the one that wants to change that it's up to me to talk to the league.

I was very disappointed with the attitude of the main office. If they are not willing to recruit members it's no wonder why the organization is falling apart.

Maybe I'll call the local association anyway and see what their view is.

Thanks for the input.
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Re: Mixed League Sanctioning - 10/23/03 09:48 PM

I'd be extremely disappointed. So much so, that I would probably fire off a letter to WIBC main office. Heck, with that kind of support you might as well drop WIBC and stick with ABC sanctioning only.

They basically told you that they are there for the money, but don't ask them to DO anything.

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Re: Mixed League Sanctioning - 10/27/03 12:23 PM

I called the local association and basically got the same reaction.

They offered absolutely no assistance now or next year.

Since the possibility of a merge between ABC and WIBC is still on the table could that be the reason for their lack of interest?

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Re: Mixed League Sanctioning - 10/27/03 01:02 PM

No big surprise here. This just goes to show how useless all the associations have always been and will continue to be.

They never serve their members. They only serve themselves.
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Re: Mixed League Sanctioning - 10/27/03 01:09 PM

I don't think any proposed merge is the reason you are getting the attitude you are getting. Sad to say that I think it was more of a "we're WIBC and we'll do our own thing, without the guys". Our last association was much more active for ABC then WIBC. When asked to do a mixed association tournament, our WIBC *** . said flat out NO! That's the attitude. IMO, some WIBC assoc. think that if they work at all with the ABC in their area that they will be sucked up and made devoid of all power. Our present ABC and WIBC assoc are pratically non existant. The ABC rep. has handed out awards at league, but that's about it.

I hope you enjoy your new league. I don't bowl WIBC events because of the attitude I've gotten when visiting their meetings etc..... So far nearly all of the tournaments I've bowled in have been dual sanctioned. Only the city ABC, state ABC and ABC Nationals are not WIBC sanctioned.