Join a league?

Posted by: Brentavo7

Join a league? - 08/19/03 05:58 PM

I bowled for several years when I was younger. was about a 150 bowler at 14. then stopped bowling for several years. picked it up a little when I was 17 and 18. bowled mostly 170s and above. I am now 23 and am considering joining a league. the problem is that since I havent bowled in so long (just picked it back up about 3 weeks ago) my games range from 125 to 220. although I still know how to get a strike I am having trouble doing it consistantly plus spares are still hard right now. Should I join a league not knowing how I will do. or should I practice more and join when I have more consistancy. Thanks.
Posted by: Wes K

Re: Join a league? - 08/19/03 07:34 PM

I would not wait to join a league. Most centers have at least one or two "fun" leagues that are low key and welcoming to new bowlers.

Bowling the league every week will improve your game, you may get some good tips from your fellow bowlers, ....and it's just plain more fun than practicing! wink
Posted by: usr bin geek

Re: Join a league? - 08/19/03 07:42 PM

I wholeheartedly agree with Wes.

You'll find that many centers have few "serious" leagues. Most of the leagues are becoming geared to new bowlers or bowlers who are out just to have fun and don't even care about scores. Ask around and just be sure to let your team mates know where you are at. That way I'm sure no one will mind.
Posted by: LadyLuck

Re: Join a league? - 08/19/03 09:08 PM


I agree, go join a league!

I suggest you talk to the house and ask them to help you select a league that you'll feel comfortable in.

In addition, you might want to sign up for a lesson or two as a refresher course.


Posted by: emperor

Re: Join a league? - 09/09/03 02:39 PM

Dude, if you wait until you are "ready," you may never join a league. The other responses reinforce the fun and love of the game. As you are introduced into "light" competition, it will motivate you practice and to become consistent. Just do it!
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: Join a league? - 09/10/03 01:31 AM

Hi Brent

Go ahead and join a league. Your varience in scores only match nearly every other bowler out there. So don't let that hold you back. Everyone else struggles with the same inconsistencies, that's why bowling is centered around "averages". Bowling lets you have those lows and highs and average them out so that you can participate in friendly competative league play as well as many fun tournaments.
Posted by: CameronTxBowler

Re: Join a league? - 10/19/03 04:19 PM

I am in the same boat as Brent. Started bowling at age 9 and did every year until I was 17. Then took a break for almost 10 years, and now getting back into it at age 26. At 17, I had a 200+ avg. Now, getting back into it, a 160+ avg. I am subbing on a "serious" league. Doesn't matter that I'm not as good as the rest of the league. The competition is making me hungry to get better and better. Without the league, I don't think the game would be coming back to me as fast as it is

Just my two cents.