need help from Atochabsh on a Sacramento League

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need help from Atochabsh on a Sacramento League - 04/02/09 03:41 AM

Atochabsh, I saw your post about being familiar with all the leagues in the Sacramento area. I currently bowl in Napa and Vacaville. I have moved to the Elk Grove Area and plan on bowling up in the Sacramento area this summer and next winter.
I book a 216 in Napa and a 203 in Vacaville... I booked in the low to mid 180's in a pba league in Napa as well. I am looking for a good league to bowl in this summer so that I can get to know some people up here to make it easier to get on a team for winter. I have heard it is a little hard to get in with some bowlers or scratch leagues in this area. I would love to bowl a pba league this summer but I haven't heard of any anywhere. I am also thinking about bowling the scratch travel league in the winter. I know a couple people that bowl it but would more than likely be looking to be picked up on a team that needs a person.
thanks for your help in advance...

Willing to bowl as far as mardi gras or crestview...
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Re: need help from Atochabsh on a Sacramento League - 04/02/09 09:23 AM

There are no adult PBA leagues. They tried a Jr/Adult PBA league at Fireside for a few seasons but it never had more then 18 to 20 people in it.

There's a brand new center in Elk Grove on Laguna. It opened up in January of this year. There's no telling how many summer leagues it will have. But three of our leagues moved there immidiately from other centers as soon as it opened. The manager is one of our well known scratch bowlers Kris Netherton. If you go there ask him if he's planning on a scratch league for that center any time soon. The best league that moved there is the Mexican American league. Its handicapped but well run.

Alpine has a trios scratch league. I'll update on time and day when I get into work in a few hours.

Crestview might be your best opportunity for a scratch league. Monday nights is the Mark Benavidez Classic Trios. Monday nights 7pm.

I do encourage you to bowl this summer so that people can see you and get to know you. The Mark Benavidez league is a good one for that. Because that travel league you spoke of is a draft league. You have to put your name in the hat and get choosen. Same with the Steve Cook Classic in the winter on Wed. nights. However, the summer Steve Cook league is a singles league I believe and there's no draft for that. A lot of people that are interested in maybe being drafted in the winter try to bowl in the summer to get "seen".

Unfortunately the bowling action in the south part of town is not as strong as the north. But with the new center maybe it'll pick up.

Are you wanting just scratch leagues or are you willing to bowl handicap too? There's a very competative handicap league on Sunday nights at Fireside. Plus they have tons of side activity and additional league tournaments at sweepers. He's got the side action divided by average and in some cases s ex too. There's a monthly challenge, game side pots, brackets every week. At sweepers in Reno, there's a 9 pin no tap, then a two gamer, then actual league championship/sweepers. Plus a Race to 6. Most people that bowl this league are into all the extra stuff. If you take a look at the league standings you'll get a league standing sheet and can see that there are 23 bowlers over 200 out of 25 4 man teams. Quite a few of them over 210. They are considering a team cap for next year. This is the only league in Sac. that I know of that has so much side action that is also somewhat geared towards both high and lower average bowlers. Some of the stuff is obviously going to attract the higher average bowlers, but there's still enough to keep the lower average bowlers involved and having fun. This secretary is also running an Eliminator tournament April 11th on PBA patterns.

We bowled this league last summer but the timing on Sunday evenings was a struggle for us. Elderly parents that live in the San Jose, and director's monthly travel league keep us out of town on weekends a lot.

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Re: need help from Atochabsh on a Sacramento League - 04/02/09 11:26 AM

I'm up for bowling handicap in the Summer.. but definately looking for atleast one scratch league in the winter.. and maybe another competitive handicapped league also..
I do know a few people in the travel league so I will for sure put my name in for the draft. What house is that run out of? is that steve cook singles league at Crestview?
I live right down the street from the Laguna Strikes. I was going to bowl there when they started leagues up but it seemed like it was mostly new bowlers and the leagues where all handicapped. I also didn't want to deal with the first go around of leagues at a new house. I figured i would let them get their kinks worked out first..
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Re: need help from Atochabsh on a Sacramento League - 04/02/09 12:51 PM

Steve Cook league/s are out of Fireside. Its about 6 miles from Crestview and Mardi Gras.

Understand about the new leagues. The biggest established league there is the Mexican American league. 24 teams on Friday evening. They moved from Alpine as soon as they could.

The scratch at Alpine is 605 trios on Monday evening 7pm winter only. Same time as the Benavidez league. Personally, you'd be better off at the Benavidez league.
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Re: need help from Atochabsh on a Sacramento League - 04/02/09 01:56 PM

I know Mark a little bit.. took a couple of lessons from him.. so I will give him a call or email him and let him know that I am intersested.

thanks again.