I am noticing a trend

Posted by: Dennis Michael

I am noticing a trend - 02/25/09 08:54 AM

Interested in your thoughts.

I have posted here that I routinely switch to a stronger ball in late games when I see carrydown affecting me and other bowlers. I have started with medium balls, and when they don't react correctly, that is when I switch to something really stronger and it seems to cross the tracks much better.

I bowl in a league with 100 bowlers. 50-60 are over 200 and a handful are over 220. It is truely a learning experience watching and listening to these people. I have 3 Coaches on my team. If we have 3 crankers, it's a lot. Rarely, does anyone go deep inside, so we all roll over each other's lines.

Well, I have been listening and watching others switching to stronger balls late in the night also.

I bowled next to a solid 215 bowler last night and watched him struggle around 200 for 2 games. Then he pulled out his VG, and shot 258. Another 210 bowler had 2, 180's and switched to his brand new Hot Sauce, and shot 300.

I originally would have thought neither of these balls would be around late in a match. But it is becoming more common.

Rather than move left, they go stronger with length.
Posted by: JStevensMD

Re: I am noticing a trend - 02/25/09 08:59 AM

I've started using my stronger balls late. The thing about them is they are consistent. You find that mark and they get to the pocket, even if you have to throw a little harder or move left.

I always run into this issue with weaker balls, of not carrying or them getting a bit screwy if there is strange carrydown.
Posted by: General Pounder

Re: I am noticing a trend - 02/25/09 09:16 AM

To me, it sounds like the oil is moving further down the lane. To keep a reaction, you are moving to something stronger to eat through the carry down. Depending on how the oil moves, there are multiple ways at attacking the lane. If everyone is playing the same area, then it will burn a track and then you need to go to something weaker to bump off of the track (a la Nationals). If you have people who spray the ball or people who play a variety of marks/angles to the pocket, then going to something stronger when the oil migrates is the best option.
Posted by: AmpleSound

Re: I am noticing a trend - 02/25/09 09:31 AM

Makes sense, and there's definitely something to be learned from this post! Thanks Dennis.