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Handicap's - 10/16/01 03:07 PM

If someone has a sheet of the percentage of handicaps, could they please e-mail them to me. I would like 75% of 190; 200 and 210. 80% of 190; 200 and 210. 90% of 190; 200 and 210. Or if this would be easier, e-mail me the equation for finding these handicaps.

Thanks confused
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Re: Handicap's - 10/16/01 09:50 PM

Here is how I understand handicap to work.
Example: If 200 is the base score and I average 180 and there is a 75% handicap, I would take 200-180=20 and multiply that by .75. .75x20 = 15 pins so I would have a 15 pin handicap.

a 90% handicap would equal 18 pins. In essence, you take the base number, subtratct your average, multiply by the percentage handicap and that is the number of oins you get. If your average is equal to or higher than the base number, you get no handicap pins. Use a calculator if you need to and round any fraction off to the nearest whole pin. Hope this helps.
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You NEVER round off to the nearest pin, whether it be average or handicap calcuation.
You MUST drop the decimal fraction.


175 average, with handicap of 90% based on 200:

200-175 = 25; 25x90% = 22.5, drop the decimal fraction, making for a handicap of 22 pins per game.
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Re: Handicap's - 11/06/01 08:04 PM

They way I do it.

Let's say your league is 90% of 220.

Your current average is 195.

So you subtract 195 from 220 and get, 25.

Now take 90% of the 25, which is 22 (no rounding up) and that's your handicap. It's actually very easy to do.
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Re: Handicap's - 11/06/01 08:05 PM

Basically the exact same thing Rocket said, I should read more carefully next time. wink