League Prizes - fees- general

Posted by: FROSTY1

League Prizes - fees- general - 02/06/09 08:23 AM

Hi all,
Just bowled 1st time ever in league last night. It's a "fun doubles League." Can I get a few comments or input what most leagues in this catagory do as for lane fees, prize money, dinner and such?
reason I found it a little steep for amount collected over the lane fees. We pay 22.00 per person 44.00 per team and 13.00 per person 26.00 per team goes to the lane fees. That's 3.00 per game per person to the prizes dinner etc and from now until it ends in june is about 360.00 per team and 1800.00 per 5 teams (that's all we have) after 20 weeks.
Is this typical of a fun doubles league? Seems like a lot of money to dish out as prize money. I guess I'm conservative, but I'd be happy just having a 150.00 gift certificate for a pro shop as 1st prize.
Whatever is customary though, I just don't want to be off balance when I ask how they distribute all the money.
Any thought other than thinking I'm cheap?
We really did have a great time though.
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Re: League Prizes - fees- general - 02/06/09 08:38 AM

Sounds like they were expecting more bowlers that didn't sign up. The league fees should have been explained in a pre season meeting. Any adjustments can be made at that meeting by a vote of the bowlers.

The Secy should have a complete list of the payouts. Each team should have one.
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Re: League Prizes - fees- general - 02/06/09 08:43 AM

The league was only holding onto 2 teams and I brought 3 two person teams to them last night which was obviously after the "league" had been going on for some time, so there was no meeting other than a phone call. I'm going to get the details, but I really just want to know from the experienced league bowlers here what a lot of similar doubles fun type leagues do for their prize amounts and distribution so as not to be rude when asking.
Thanks again,
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Re: League Prizes - fees- general - 02/06/09 09:04 AM

Never bowled in a doubles league. Most of ours are 4-man. the leagues I bowl in are on a point system. $10.25 for house fees. A minor amount for league expenses. And, the balance of $20 for prizes.

Our Wed league pays out $8.50 per point won to the team. Plus other awards for First, thru 4th team finish, hi bowler, game and series.
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Re: League Prizes - fees- general - 02/06/09 10:44 AM

Depending on where you are in NY, the fees are typical of larger city areas like San Jose and San Francisco. Many centers in urban areas can make more off open play then league, so the lineage price they offer the leagues is sort of a "compromise" but still expensive compared to centers in more rural areas.

The secretary/treasurer get around $1 a bower/week. Sometimes the President gets money per week as well. That is around here. Senior leagues are usually less. Then the rest is usually prize fund.

You should ask your President for a copy of the league rules. The division of money should be in there.

We have a 9pm Monday doubles league that bowls 3 games as singles then 3 games as doubles. So six games a week.

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Re: League Prizes - fees- general - 02/06/09 11:03 AM

all great info- beginning to understand. Going to be interesting to see how it is distributed, and what I'm hearing is 22.00 ea with 13.00 to the lanes isn't too bad......
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Re: League Prizes - fees- general - 02/06/09 11:40 AM

I am in Texas and our league cost 16.00 per person. That includes , prize fund, bowling, secretary and 2 pitchers or beer or soda per team. Each team has 4 members. I was fine with that because It is still cheaper than bowling 3 games by the hour or per game with 4 people and 2 pitchers of beer. Plus there are prizes at the end!

@Frosty1: Nice Avatar! thumbsup
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Re: League Prizes - fees- general - 02/06/09 12:05 PM

We pay 18 a week here in FL, this is for our NASCAR league though so we are paying league fees, lineage, secretary pay out, and then the rest goes to the prize fund and you get a ticket to the Coke Zero (used to be PEPSI) 400. The league is a 4 person league though so I am sure the number of bowlers per lane helps with the lower lineage charges.
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Re: League Prizes - fees- general - 02/11/09 12:10 PM

Wow, I've been in a doubles league here for the last 5 years and the dues have always been $10 per person every week with 50% of that going to prize fund.
To think, I thought it was crazy when my dad told me the league he's in this year is $20/person per week (4-man league) I guess it wasn't that crazy after all! (Tho the cost-of-living in my area is relatively low)
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Re: League Prizes - fees- general - 02/11/09 03:53 PM

That seems like a good deal!

On a different note, this is my first league and I don't know what to expect as far as prizes go. I know it differs everywhere but I was wondering if it is usually equipment, money or maybe other prizes?
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Re: League Prizes - fees- general - 02/11/09 04:01 PM

Usually it is monetary pay-outs based on your teams finishing position. Some leagues pay out the top few teams (lets say 5) and some pay out everyone based on their rank. Some leagues even pay teams a specific amount for each point they win throughout the year.
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Re: League Prizes - fees- general - 02/11/09 04:07 PM

Oh ok. I like money!